Is the Gel Blaster Legal in Australia in 2021?

March 06, 2021 0 Comments

Is the Gel Blaster Legal in Australia in 2021?


Across the world, people use non-lethal guns as recreation. From gel blaster guns to paintball guns, it’s a way that many people indulge their passion for firepower without the fatal risks of true firearms.


In many places, though, access to these types of safer guns is restricted. Regulations and laws are constantly evolving and Australia is no different. In fact, 2020 and 2021 saw changes to some Australian states’ laws.



So what are the current laws surrounding recreational guns like gel blasters? What is this type of non-lethal firearm and is the gel blaster legal in Australia in 2021?


Understanding Gel Blaster Guns

A gel blaster is a type of airsoft gun, meaning that it uses air propulsion rather than gunpowder. This launches the “bullet” with far less force than a true firearm does.

A gel blaster, in particular, is used to shoot non-lethal gel balls. While these guns are recreational and low-risk, Australia has a history of particularly tight restrictions on firearms and anything resembling firearms.


Is the Gel Blaster Legal in Australia in 2021?

While Australia has a firm and unwavering position on true, gunpowder-driven firearms, they’re not quite sure what to do with non-lethal guns like gel blasters. It ultimately comes down to each state to decide how or whether to regulate them, and there has been a continuously shifting legal battle over the topic.


As it currently stands, five of Australia’s six states have legislation that makes it illegal to own a gel blaster gun unless you have a firearm license. These states include South Australia, New South Wales, Tasmania, Victoria, and Western Australia. South Australia is the most recent newcomer to this group, passing the restrictive legislation only in October 2020.


The only current exception is Queensland. In Queensland, it is legal to own and use a gel blaster gun without a firearm license.



Even still, Queensland is adding some lighter restrictions of their own. As of February 1st, 2021, it is illegal in the state to carry an unconcealed gel blaster in public. Generally, you’ll only be able to enjoy your gel blaster on private property.


That February-effective law also tightens punishments for anyone convicted of firing a gel blaster gun at anyone without the person’s permission. The penalty is now 3-7 years of imprisonment.


Queensland’s new law is intended to be a “win-win solution” for the citizens as well as the gel ball and gel blaster industry and its customers. While the law protects your right to use a gel blaster for recreation at home, it protects the public from the rare few who would try to use them for harm.


Enjoying Your Gel Blaster Safely and Legally


Now is the perfect time to add to your gel blaster collection and set up targets or other recreation areas at home where you can enjoy them legally. To build up your gel blaster stash, shop our gel blaster guns and accessories online.