SKD G18 Gel Blaster



SKD G18 pistol are one of the most recognisable models in the world and happens to be one of the most popular gel blasters on the market. Very high quality. 

Brand: SKD

Model: G18


1. Wave box using N30 black King Kong Motor Custom version (40000 rpm), the replacement of high V-number lithium can be achieved to improve the speed of shooting, tested a number of 11.1V teeth.

2. Built-in 7.4V fixed plate-making lithium battery (with over-charged electronic protection board), wave box motor gears using copper gears.

3. Full electrical energy using about 15 cartridges, the cartridge loaded about 50, the use of 7-8mm water bomb.

4. Wave box using 1.1-wire diameter spring, the initial velocity of about 46, you can replace the 1.2-wire diameter spring, the initial velocity can reach 50 +, do not sweep teeth. 5. Single/continuous, electric pre-supply one health completed.

Press the tight conversion key to realize the electric pre-supply function, quickly double-click the conversion key, to achieve single/continuous switching function.

The 6-Wave box gas chamber is designed using a split-body return chamber. 7. Gun body, cartridge built-in damper, the overall proportion is close to the original, can be applied to the market most fast pull sleeve.







7/8 mm ball - Gun loader 80 ball