98K Gel blaster Gangjiang Sniper

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GJ version of the famous 98K

Smooth, long-pull Bolt-Action

Shooting Range: up to 20m

220 FPS



    Video of the M24. Same system inside. Same performance but different design. The 98K is on the left. 



    Presentation of 98K GEL BLASTER:




    15X SCOPE:



    What is included in the box of the 98K GJ gel blaster?

    1 x sniper GJ 98K

    1 x magazine

    1 x grip / pod

    1 x Packet of gel balls

    1 x safety glasses

    1 x bottle

    How to use this gel blaster gun?


    1. Install the product according to the instructions.
    2. Soak the balls in as much water as possible for 4 to 6 hours.
    3. Fill the magazine with gel balls.
    4. Let’s go for the adventure.

    Detailed explanations:


      Whish gel balls should be use?

      This model uses 7-8 mm gel balls. The optimal size is 7.45 mm.

      You can find the perfect gel balls for this model here:https://gelblastergun.com/products/gel-ball-ammo

      Gel balls are available in 2 packages: 20000 or 40000 gel balls and 4 colors: Clear, Blue, Orange and Green.



      What is the performance of this GF 98Kgel blaster?

      Shooting performance: 200-220 fps

      max range of this gun: At least 20M straight and 35M about curve shooting.


      You can click here to learn more about performance measurement: “how are performance measured?”

      What is the capacity of the magazine?


      The capacity of the magazine is about 50 gel balls.


      Can you upgrade the 98K?


      Oh yes, you can change the bolt system by a metal bolt system:



      And change the body to real wood body:

      (coming soon)


      Dont hesitate to contact us about upgrade.









    1. Brand: GJ

      Model: AK98

      Color: Woos, Silver or black

      Material: plastic ABS and electronic components

      Use age: 14 years old and above

      Size balls: 7-8mm