Gel blaster Upgraded GBG HIGH END WATER GUN

  • Exclusive product
  • We have developed a high performance product just for you
  • Powerful


This product is created from scratch.

This is the first gel blaster upgradeddeveloped by GBG.


Parts of the products:

nylon receiver

 metal gears

reinforced cylinders

plus heads

aluminum barrel

special hop up

upgraded motor 

metal fish bones

metal silencer

3D printing hand grip 

3D printing butt stock

Gen8 NYLON gearbox

Battery 11.1V + charger


NOT ASSEMBLED VERSION - Send with video instruction 


Brand: GBG

Material: plastic ABS and electronic components

Use age: 21 years old and above

Size balls: 7-8mm



Initial speed: 75-80
Rate of fire: 600 rounds of gel ball per minute
Effective range: 30 meters
The longest range: 45-55 meters

FPS: 300 fps


Note: This product can be sold with metal gearbox high end, up to 350 fps. 






Include: Gearbox details:



 Note: preparation times 10 to 20 days