Hop-up for SKD Beretta

Using 100% fill printing, high strength!

There are three kinds of modeling options, there is always one for you!

Exclusive spinner with clamping and fixing design!


Shangxuan structure adopts thickening design, crescent shape is stable and efficient.

The lower part is provided with no sinking adjustment piece, and no sinking is only fine adjustment, it is not recommended to adjust no sinking piece.

The original factory speed is more than 40, so the water bomb must be dried to use the effect.

19 outer diameters can be added with universal decorative caps.

The first spinner with clamping and fixing design. It is not like a traditional one-point force on one side of the jacking wire, which is crooked and unstable.

At the same time, a top screw is used as an auxiliary fixation to prevent rotation.