M4A1 GBG Gel blaster Upgraded - US STOCK

 Full upgraded gel blaster

Developped and improved form A to Z by GBG

US STOCK   🇺🇸🇺🇸



    The Colt M4A1 is an evolution of the famous Colt M4 which has been used by the US military since 1994. This version of the COLT M4 is equipped with the free burst function and has a removable handle that can be replaced by a vision scope.

    GBG's interpretation has a viewfinder with a laser on top.

    The M4A1 have 4 other side rails to add some accessories.

    The GBG M4A1  is one of the greatest successes of recent years. It marks a major turning point in the world of gel blasters.

    This blaster gel blaster has the famous V2 nylon gearbox. The product is entirely created and assembled by our teams.
    It is not an improvement of a product, but a creation from A to Z.  

    This water gun is really appreciated by users because it is easy to use and offers an unlimited number of possibilities for improvement.

    It is perfect for those who want a product with metal accessories and good performance without having to modify everything.




    Presentation of GBG M4A1 UPGRADED:

    Full upgraded parts:
    Metal handeguard
    Metal outer barrel
    Metal nozzle
    Metal bucket
    Metal triangle aiming
    Metal buffler
    Nylon buttstock
    Nylon receiver G9
    Nylon Magazine
    Metal fire cap
    Nylon handlegrip

    Nylon gearbox shell
    480 motor high speed
    Metal piston teeth and and double o ring piston head
    Metal gears
    Metal tie rod
    Nylon rubber column plug
    Metal cylinder
    Metal pusher
    Metal aluminum barrel tube
    Upgrade 1.4 and 1.8 Spring
    11.1V battery + 11.1V charger


    FPS: 280 FPS or 240 FPS depending on the spring installed


    Everything you need to get the most out of a gel blaster gun.

    2 springs, one for accuracy, one for higher FPS, test on the J10: 

    In this video, first test with accuracy spring and the second with the high FPS spring. 


    The GBG service: 

    We care about the quality of our products. Every gel blaster upgraded have serial number and products are tested before shipping

    All products are equipped with an additional orange tip and orange tape in order to respect the legislation and the safety of all.

    2 springs are included to adjust the product to your liking: Ultra precision or ultra powerful. 

  • Brand: GBG

    Model: M4A1 UPGRADED

    Version:  V3

    Color: Black

    Material: Nylon, metal and electronic components

    Use age: 14 years old and above

    Size balls: 7-8 mm

    Size: 71 x 30 cm