LDT LDX Gearbox




The most premium gearbox in the gel blaster market at the moment. The LDT LDX gearbox is available now. 

This gearbox is a V2 gearbox 

The gearbox have top bottom split design, metal top and gearbox shell, metal gears, piston with metal teeth and a mosfet for firing control.

The advance version is red. The advance edition features the Mosfet fire control system instead of the mechanical and classical fire control system.

 The LDX advance gearbox  is programmable.  Possible auto preload system or even 3 shot burst mode. 

The basic version is not programmable. This gearbox is blue. 


The delivery times are 7-15 days. 


click here to read our blog article on this subject.


Demonstration video of basic version:


Thank you  Joshua for the video :)