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    M4 Gel Blaster by JM x GBG - US STOCK

    V2023 - Black & Tan
    V2024 - Tan
    V2024 - Black
    V2024 - Black & Tan






    • Metal gears and metal lader
    • 12 products included
    • 11.1V battery
    • Blowback


    Introduction of the M4A1 gel blaster Full Equiped


    Unveiling the meticulously crafted M4A1 gel blaster in its fully equipped glory!

    JM's M4A1 stands tall as one of the reigning champions among gel blasters in the USA, capturing the hearts of enthusiasts far and wide.

    Now, introducing the pinnacle of our innovation, the latest iteration - the GBG - a testament to our commitment to delivering an unparalleled gaming experience.

    This ultimate version arrives adorned with an array of accessories curated to enrich and intensify your gameplay, ensuring each moment is a thrill-filled adventure.

    Elevating its reliability and endurance, this new rendition boasts the incorporation of metal gears and a resilient metal lader. These enhancements not only fortify the blaster's structure but also significantly extend its lifespan, promising enduring quality and performance through countless missions and skirmishes.

    Moreover, powering this powerhouse of a blaster is an advanced 11.1V configuration, meticulously engineered to deliver optimal performance right from the moment it leaves the box.

    Prepare to be astounded by the sheer power, precision, and efficiency that this cutting-edge power source offers, elevating your gaming prowess to unprecedented levels.

    With the M4 Gel Blaster by JM x GBG, embark on an adventure where every shot resonates with reliability, every move echoes precision, and every game becomes an unforgettable journey into the realm of thrilling gel blaster action. Elevate your gameplay, embrace the power, and experience the ultimate thrill with the M4 Gel Blaster by JM x GBG – your gateway to unbounded excitement!


    Video of the M4A1 gel gun Full Equiped

     VERSION 2023

     The video of the VERSION 2024 coming soon.

    Features of the M4 gel blaster with accessories

    • Gen8 nylon gearbox with metal gears
    • Metal lader
    • Full Nylon
    • 11.1V battery included with charger
    • 5 accessories included
    • You save money by buying accessories directly
    • 3 modes


    Detail about the M4 gel toy:

    M4 gel blaster
    M4 gel blaster detail

    About the M4 gel blaster


    The M4 gel blaster is a popular and versatile copy of the legendary M4 carbine that has been modified for gel blaster gaming and recreational purposes. This blaster is designed to look and feel like a real M4, appealing to fans and players who appreciate the design and functioning of this legendary firearm.

    This gel blaster delivers a personalized experience thanks to a variety of features evocative of the original M4. To suit their preferences and gameplay style, users can alter and accessorize the blaster by adding accessories like as scopes, grips, and barrels.

    The M4 gel blaster is often driven by a spring and an electric motor in terms of performance. These blasters usually give an outstanding balance of range, accuracy, and rate of fire, making them suitable for a wide range of playstyles.


    Accessories you can add to the M4 gel blaster: 

    1. Drum Mag for M4 FULLY
    2. Tracer
    3. Tracer Mulitcolor 
    4. Tracer Adapter for M4 FULLY 2023
    5. Gel balls for Tracer
    6. Extra mag
    7. Drum mag



    3 versions of the M4A1 fully equiped:

    • Black version
    • Tan version 
    • Black and Tan


    Included with M4 gel blaster with accessories

    • M4A1 gel blaster
    • Laser
    • Red dot
    • Scope
    • Lamp
    • 11.1V battery BOSLIPO TACTICAL
    • 7.4V original battery
    • Aluminium Silencer
    • Buttstock
    • Pack of gel balls
    • Charger USB
    • B3 Charger
    • Front grip


    Performance of the M4 gel toy with accessories


    • FPS: 240
    • Shooting range: 100 ft


    The new version for 2024

    Pre-order for the version 2024. 

    The tan version is already in stock. 

    • Blowback
    • New buttstock
    • New Receiver without holes
    • Metal silencer
    • Semi and full auto
    • Precharge


    Why choose a JM gel blaster brand? 

    Jinming gel blasters stand out for numerous compelling reasons:

    1. Accessibility: These blasters cater to a broad audience by offering diverse models across various price ranges, ensuring affordability compared to other shooting hobbies like airsoft or paintball.

    2. Authenticity and Personalization: Crafted to mimic real firearms, Jinming gel blasters boast customization options. Users can augment their blasters with a plethora of attachments and accessories, elevating their overall experience.

    3. Safety-Conscious Design: Gel blasters fire small, water-filled gel pellets, offering a safer alternative to conventional airsoft or paintball projectiles. While safety precautions remain crucial, gel pellets typically result in less discomfort during recreational play.

    4. Community Engagement: The appeal of Jinming blasters extends beyond the individual experience. Enthusiasts find a sense of belonging by engaging in community events like skirmishes and competitive matches, fostering camaraderie among users.

    5. User-Friendly Features: Many Jinming gel blasters prioritize ease of operation, catering to both beginners and seasoned enthusiasts, ensuring an enjoyable experience for all skill levels.

    6. Expandable and Upgradeable: Jinming blasters offer a wide array of compatible parts and upgrades, empowering users to enhance performance or personalize their blasters to align with individual preferences.