XM316 Split Receiver Shell W/Gearbox For Jinming Gen8 M4A1 Gel Ball Blasting Replacement Accessories

Black nylon split receiver shell + gearbox kit fit for Jinming M4A1 water gel ball blasting toys.

Color: Black
Material: ABS + Nylon
Fit For: For Jinming M4A1 Gel Ball Blasting Toy  
Age Of Application: 14 +

- Long service life.
- Nylon gearbox shell.
- Silver plated wave box line.
- Stable characteristics, reliability.
- Nylon metal ladder + 8-hole metal head.
- Suitable for Jinming M4A1 gel ball blasting toy.
- Hard metal gears are more durable and of better quality than ordinary metal gears.

Package Included:
1 x XM316 Split Receiver Shell Kit
1 x Gearbox Kit

More Details: