NWELL M401 WATER GUN Australian Stock

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One of the last best gel blaster.

 Shoots up to 30 meters

15 balls per second


NewWells is a brand that had its experience in the Airsoft market several years ago with more or less successful models. It was mainly aimed at the entry-level segment and offered accessible products. Despite its limited success, the brand has been able to acquire skills and adapt them to the opportunity of a new market with the arrival of Gel Blasters.

The M401 features the GearBox type V2, a functional firing selector and an aluminum barrel that improves Blaster accuracy. Unlike the G36V2, the charger is equipped with a "primer" and is therefore electrically bootable, no need to press the button at the top of the charger for 1 minute. It is also in the same "design" logic as the G36 with a transparent part (smaller than on the G36) and the rest of the Blaster is black. This look is much more aesthetic than the G36, although it will not yet be unanimously accepted. On the design side, there is quality plastic and the replica is heavy and solid.




Material: plastic ABS and electronic components

Use age: 14 years old and above

Size balls: 7-8mm

M4 Size: 82 x 28 cm

Box size: 75 x 27 x 6.5 cm

Weight: 1.3 kg


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Detail: Easy to repair or upgrade




Tactical Version:


Gun size:



Note: The nylon receiver is sent in a second parcel