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    Desert Eagle Gel Blaster RX







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    INTRODUCTION OF Desert Eagle Gel Blaster RX

    The Desert Eagle Gel Blaster, inspired by the legendary and powerful Desert Eagle revolver, is a standout in the gel blaster world. This blaster, known for its spectacular design and powerful presence, provides aficionados with an exhilarating and one-of-a-kind experience.

    The Desert Eagle Gel Blaster is meticulously crafted to mimic the looks of the original firearm, with a powerful and solid build that oozes authenticity. Its design, which resembles the iconic firearm, piques the interest of both collectors and players looking for a unique blaster.

    The Desert Eagle Gel Blaster delivers on performance. It combines force and accuracy to provide enjoyable shooting experiences on the gel blaster battlefield. Its ergonomic design ensures easy handling while playing, enabling for perfect targeting and control.

    The Desert Eagle Gel Blaster is admired not only for its aesthetics but also for its versatility. Modifying and customizing this blaster is an appealing feature for enthusiasts, as it allows for the addition of numerous attachments and improvements to tailor the blaster to individual preferences.

    The Desert Eagle Gel Blaster, whether displayed as a collector's item or used in gel blaster competitions, is a popular choice, providing fans with the opportunity to own and wield a famous piece within the gel blaster community.

    Video of the DE Gel Blaster RX


    Caracterictis of this pistol Gel Blaster

    • Brand:Renxiang
    • Model: DE
    • Material: nylon and electronic components
    • Size balls: 7-8mm
    • Size: 16*28cm
    • Size box: 51*26*7.5cm
    • Battery 7.4V - 1400mAh
    • Arround 15 meters

    Included with the Desert Eagle Gel Blaster RX

    1. RX pistol Gel Blaster
    2. Glasses
    3. Packet of Gel Balls (Dry, 500 total)
    4. 7.4V Rechargeable Battery
    5. USB Charger

    Detail of the Desert Eagle Gel Blaster RX


    Desert Eagle Gel Blaster OPTION

    7/8 mm ball - Gun loader 80 ball

    Desert Eagle Gel Blaster

    Battery 1400mAh - 7.4V

    Desert Eagle Gel Blaster BATTERIE


    Desert Eagle Gel Blaster DIMENSIONS

    How to use this gel blaster? 

    Preparing the pistol gel blaster:

    1. Charge the batterie: Plug the battery to the USB cable.
    2. Prepare the gel balls
    3. Load Gel Balls: Insert gel balls into the magazine. Follow the specific instructions for your blaster model to load them correctly.

    Using the Blaster:

    1. Safety Measures: Always treat the blaster as if it were a real firearm. Only use it in designated areas and comply with local laws and regulations.
    2. Grip and Stance: Hold the blaster with a firm grip, maintaining a comfortable stance to ensure stability.
    3. Aiming and Firing: Align the blaster toward your target, using the sights if available, and gently pull the trigger to fire gel balls.

    After Use:

    1. Unloading: If there are gel balls left in the magazine, ensure you safely remove them according to the blaster's instructions.
    2. Cleaning and Maintenance: Clean the blaster regularly following the manufacturer's guidelines to maintain its performance and durability.
    3. Storage: Store the blaster in a safe and secure place away from children or unauthorized individuals.

    Additional Tips:

    • Follow Instructions: Refer to the user manual that came with your blaster for specific guidance on its usage, maintenance, and safety measures.
    • Protective Gear: Consider wearing protective eyewear or other safety gear while using the blaster to prevent any accidental eye injuries.