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    Return & Refund

    You ordered by mistake or when to replace it

    We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee on all our products under the conditions set out below.
    To fully satisfy you, we have put in place a simple and efficient return policy.

    You have received your article but are not satisfied with it.

    No worries! You can return your item to us within 14 days of receipt if the item is in the same conditions as received.  (Not used, clean, completed, the original box not damaged, not broke  and not damaged or tinkered)

    if this is not the case, The refund can be refused, will be null or partial according to the loss of value of the product.

    We do not accept returns of exchanged products.

    Here's how to do it in 2 steps:

    1. Contact us at the following address: contact@gelblastergun.com to let us know that you are going to make a return
    2.Send your article accompanied by the form to the address we will send you by email. 

    3. Send us the tracking number. Without, it will be considered not returned. 

    After receipt of the article in our warehouses, we will refund you or make a discount code to buy new product in 4-10 days. 

    Return shipping costs  are at your expense. Shipping fee are not refund. 

    The product must be returned complete in its box, unworn and clean.
    Any missing parts or damaged will be invoiced.

    The return have to be shipping within 14 days after the day you receive the return documents. If the shipment is made afterwards, this will be penalised.

    If you think the product in your order is broken or defective

    Please contact us within 3 days after receipt of the package. 

    Sometimes your package may be mishandled during delivery but not worry. 
    Most problems are easily solved without a return.

    In these cases, contact us at contact@gelblastergun.com with the following details:

    • Your order number
    • The description of the problem (breakage, faulty item,...)
    • A photo or/and a video

    Our customer service will solve the problem and bring you a solution.  

    Handling can make you think that the product is damaged, but it is not, it can be just misused.

    Most problems can be solved with advice and techniques.
    We prefer this before an exchange because it is faster, easier and more environmentally friendly.
    If we have tried everything together, we replace the product.

    We are professionals i the sector since 2017 and we know about gel blasters.

    Please be patient and follow the procedure given by the technician

    You can also order a new product to save time in the replacement process. 

    The faster the return for exchange is dispatched, the faster you will receive the new product.

    If you open the gel blaster without the instructions of our technician, you can damage the product.

    The product must be returned completely in this box, unworn and clean.
    Any missing parts will be invoiced.

    Only our technicians and their years of experience can determine if the product is damaged or not.

    The technician decides whether or not to take charge of the return.



    Not to be rude, but in most cases the product works, it's just a question of misuse.


    You didnt received the product 

    The customer must follow the package with the tracking number he received.
    In case of a problem with the tracking, you must contact the carrier to open a reclamation, then contact us at contact@gelblastergun.com with the following details:

    • Your order number
    • The description of the shipping problem 
    • Reclamation proof from the shipping company