Gel Blaster Pistol

A Gel Blaster Pistol is a type of toy gun that uses water-based gel beads as ammunition. The pistols in gel blaster are designed to mimic the look and feel of real firearms, with many models resembling popular handguns, such as Glock and 1911. Gel blaster pistols are powered by batteries, which are used to power the gearbox and motor that compress the air to fire the gel beads.

What is a gel blaster pistol? 


Gel blasters are similar in design to traditional airsoft or paintball guns, but it use a different type of ammunition. Instead of small plastic pellets or paint balls, gel blasters use water-based gel beads. These gel balls are made of a gel-like substance that is safe and non-toxic. They are typically around 7-8mm in diameter and are available in different colors.

These toy guns are becoming increasingly popular in many countries and specialy in the USA. 

The gel ball is fired from the gun using compressed air, and it can travel at speeds of up to 200 feet per second. This makes them suitable for outdoor sports and recreational activities, such as backyard target shooting, tactical training, and even airsoft and paintball-like games.

Gel Blaster pistols are generally considered safe for use, as the gel beads are not capable of causing serious injury. However, it is important to always wear appropriate eye and face protection when using these toy guns, and to follow the manufacturer's instructions and safety guidelines.

Overall, Gel Blaster Pistol is a safe and fun activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It allows people to experience the thrill of shooting without the risk of injury, and it can also be used for training and tactical scenarios. However, their legality may vary depending on location, therefore it is important to check with your local laws before purchasing or using one.


How to choose a gel blaster pistol?

When choosing a gel blaster pistol, there are several factors to consider:

  1. Performance : Look for a model that has a high firing rate and good accuracy. This will depend on the quality of the gearbox, motor, and barrel. It is necessary to know that a pistol will never be as powerful as a rifle because of its size.
  2. Durability : Look for a model that is made of high-quality materials, such as nylon, to ensure that it can withstand regular use.
  3. Design : Look for a model that closely resembles the real-life weapon that it is modeled after. This will give you a more realistic experience when using it.
  4. Power source : Consider whether the model you are interested in uses batteries or a rechargeable battery. This will affect the overall cost and convenience of using the gel blaster.
  5. Brand : Look for a reputable brand that has a good reputation for producing high-quality gel blasters.
  6. Price : Gel blaster pistols come at different price ranges, so it's important to consider how much you're willing to spend and what features are most important to you.

It is also important to read reviews and ask other enthusiasts for their opinions before making a purchase. This will give you an idea of the performance, durability, and overall quality of the gel blaster pistol you're considering.

It's important to remember that gel blaster pistols are toys and should be used responsibly and with proper safety precautions. It's also important to check with your local laws before purchasing or using one.

To learn more about how choose a gel blaster.

What is the best gel blaster pistol?

JM X2 : The most popular, lot of accessories and a low price.

RX Desert Eagle : Mag-fed and blow-back system that makes each shot more realistic and aesthetic.

SKD M92 :Good pistol with 14.8v fonction, Mag-fed and a lamp.

STD M1911 :The SKD M1911 is a gel blaster pistol that is designed to resemble the iconic M1911 handgun.

What is the most popular gel blaster pistol?

The JM X2 is most popular gel pistol. The perfect gel blaster pistol with drum mag.

This red and black pistol is sold with a wide range of accessories such as a drum mag, a silencer, a lamp, a pair of glasses, gel balls and a battery.

All this for only $49. 

We propose the last version of the X2. The version called V2. The manufacture upgrade the product with 7.4v battery and enhance the gel balls charging.