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    Gel Blaster Gun Buyer Guide 2024

    October 19, 2022

    gel blaster guide

    Gel blasters are cool and provide a lot of fun. It can be difficult to make the right purchase choice with the multitude of choices out there.
    We have compiled the essential information you need to know to choose the right product for you.
    Indeed, it is important to know what you want in order to choose the right product and therefore, appreciate the product you have chosen.
    If you make the right choice, you will love playing with the gel blaster gun for a long time.


    We will first see what a orbeez gun is and then we will see the essential elements to take in the choice of a gel blaster gun: the budget, the type of gel blaster, the performance, the possibilities of upgrade, the capacity, the materials, the brand of gel blaster and where it is possible to buy a gel toys. 


    What is a gel blaster gun? 

    Gel blasters are projectile launchers like the paintball gun, airsoft and Nerf. But instead of firing a foam ball, hard balls or paint pellet, gel guns shoot biodegradable gel balls.

    Gel balls also called Orbeez (brand name) are similar to water retention products sold at garden centers for use on plants, vegetable gardens and yards.

    They can be used to shoot at targets, in the garden with friends or on playgrounds provided for this purpose. 

    We have written an article about it if you want to know more: What is a gel blaster gun? 



    What are the criteria to take into account to choose your gel gun? 


    categories to choose your gel blaster



    You must take into account several criteria to make the right choice of gel blaster guns.

    • The budget
    • The performance
    • The reputation of the brand
    • The capacity
    • The possibilities of improvement
    • The materials of manufacture.

    We will detail all these points to help you make the right choice.


    How much is a gel blaster gun? 

    Let's start by talking about the budget you want to allocate for your purchase.
    Indeed, there is a wide range of products for gel blasters.
    You can find gel toys from $20 to over $1000.

    This toy gun cost $20 on Amazon: 

    amazon gel blaster


    This model cost $730 in Australia (Azrael Company):

    Azrael gel blaster

    The price is usually associated with the characteristics of the product and the different points we will discuss next.

    It is important to take this into account to avoid disillusionment. Indeed, it is not possible to have a rifle gel blaster gun made entirely of metal with a HPA gearbox for $200.

    Also, your budget is defined according to whether it is your first gel blaster gun or the second or the third.


    quality price ratio





    Generally, people acquire a first classic model or with a good quality / price ratio and then move towards a high-end product with better characteristics.

    Indeed, the price will depend on the materials, the type of gel blaster, the performances, the rarity, the reputation of the brand and the dealer price politic. 

    Another thing to consider when setting the budget is whether you want to upgrade the product in the future. This may have an impact on the initial budget of the orbeez gun.

    Don't get over-excited by the features of a gel blaster gun without checking the price, reviews and the brand reputation.
    Some features, such as performance, can be manipulated without justification.

    When working out your budget, don't forget about consumables such as pellets and whether the product comes with a battery or not.

    For a first purchase and discovery of the gel blaster world, we recommend a gel gun of the rifle type between $100 and $200.

    For a second purchase, you can go for a different type or a higher end rifle.

    Or, you can also use this budget to upgrade the product you already have, if possible.




    What type of gel blaster gun do you looking for? 



    gel blaster types



    The design of the gel blasters is strongly inspired and copied from real guns.
    That's why we will find a wide choice of product types.

    Among the classes of gel blasters we find:

    • Pistols
    • Snipers
    • Rifles
    • SMGs
    • Machine guns.

    Each category has advantages and disadvantages just like real weapons.

    Some categories can be classified as secondary weapons like the pistol. This one can be a second gel blaster gun associated with a gel rifle.

    The sniper gel gun, which has a low rate of fire, can be combined with a product from another category like SMG

    We recommend starting with a rifle.

    A M4A1, SCAR, MK18 etc... are good models that offer a great balance between mobility and performance, can be used in all circumstances. 

    Once you've gotten the hang of the rifle, you can move on to a product from another class to which you have an affinity.

    Of course, this is just a recommendation, you are free to choose the product that best suits you.



    What is the shooting performance of the gel blaster gun? 


    The main reason you get a gel blaster gun is for shooting and gaming. So of course the first thing you should consider is how it shoots, making sure it is easy to use and control.

    It is important to look at the performance of the gel blaster gun.

    Performance falls into several categories:

    • The speed of fire (m/s or FPS)
    • Number of shots per second
    • Firing distance
    • Accuracy

    As we have seen in the article about FPS, it is easy to have a high shooting speed. But this is just one of the criteria to consider.

    The speed is calculated in Feet Per Second (FPS).

    Be careful, there is a difference between average FPS and "up to", indeed, some gel blasters are irregular and it can be easy to indicate that the maximum speed.

    The number of shots per second allowed is a good indicator of the quality of the gearbox. The best gel blasters can fire 70 gel balls per second.

    Shooting distance is also a factor to consider. There is a correlation between shooting speed and distance. Most gel toys with a fps of 250 reach 100 ft.

    Finally, the accuracy is an element not to be neglected. It is not uncommon to see orbeez blasters firing at 100 ft but the pellets arrive 6 ft apart.

    You can check the manufacturer's data with the reviews found on Youtube and forums to cross reference the data.


     Gel blasters upgraded exceed 300 fps:

    FPS test gel blaster


    To best enjoy a gel blaster, 250 fps performance with good accuracy is optimal. 


    Your orbeez blaster should have the strength to create a safe impact on the person you are hitting. In addition to that, you may want to consider a toy guns that offers semi-automatic and fully automatic shooting options, giving you more versatility and comfort. We also prefer gel blasters that have realistic shooting performance and recoil for an optimal experience.


    Can the gel blaster gun be upgraded?


    When you are first starting out in the world of gel blasters, you may not be concerned about upgrades.
    This is something to consider if you enjoy orbeez gun.
    Upgrades can be cosmetic or performance enhancing.

    From a cosmetic point of view, we think of the metal handguard, the sight, the handlegrip, the accessories such as the lamp, the laser etc...

    From a performance point of view, we think of the gearbox, the gears, the piston, the cylinder, the motor, the battery, the spring etc...

    Some basic items like the battery can be installed on most gel blasters. However, some gel guns have very few parts available to improve aesthetics or performance.

    Here is a kit to improve the JM G9:


    upgrade kit for JM G9

    For example, the SCAR can be improved in terms of performance but not aesthetically.
    On the other hand, an LDT HK416 can be improved aesthetically and in terms of performance.

    So, this is something to consider when choosing a orbeez blaster.

    Here is an article about improvements.



    What is the ammunition capacity of the orbeez gun?


    In addition to this longer battery life, it can be good to have big ammo capacity to ensure you have plenty of ammo for your games! This reduces the time and effort needed to reload, thus longer game times.

    gel blaster drum mag

    This is where there are better drum magazines that can increase ammo capacity over standard magazines. Or you choose to have few mags ready to be use. 

    Also some product have huge gel capacity like the M249

    It is also important to note that the better the gel blaster, the faster it will fire the beads and therefore, the larger the capacity should be. 



    How is the strenght and construction of the gel blaster gun? 


    It goes without saying that everyone wants to have a strong and durable gel blaster.
    This is related to the quality of the materials and the quality of manufacture of the gel blaster gun.
    The maintenance and cleaning of the gel blaster contributes to its longevity. For exemple, gel blasters dont like water. 

    SJ use high quality nylon and metal for the M4 81-2:

    SJ gel blaster M4 81-2

    Just like a car, the gel blaster gun has wearing parts that will have to be replaced over time.
    Like all wearing parts, they do not all give way at the same time following the use.
    For example, the battery or the gears are wearing parts.

    Also note that if the product is improved in the wrong way, it will be damaged faster.

    Regarding materials, we recommend nylon and metal instead of ABS plastic. These materials are more robust.

    Also, there is different quality of nylon, the nylon use by JJ is better than the one use by JM

    The basic gel blasters found on Amazon are mostly made of plastic and not nylon.

    Regarding the quality of manufacture, this is much associated with the brand. Brands such as Cyma, JJ SLR or LDT are known for the materials used and their good manufacturing.



    What is the brand reputation of the gel blaster gun brand? 


    It's best to go with brands that have already proven themselves. Even if some new brands offer good products.

    Beware of brands that offer attractive gel blasters for cheap sold with crude marketing, but the only thing this will do for you is set you up for failure in the near future when your cheap gun decides to give up on playing.


    gel blaster brand logo

    For beginners, brands such as JinMing (JM) or CYMA offer good performance and a good reputation based on their long experience.

    It is a good idea to look at the reviews and opinions of the brands before buying.

    Each brand has a slightly different market placement. There are Amazon brands, entry-level brands, mid-range brands and high-end brands.

    Some brands are popular airsoft brands such as Cyma, these brands already have a solid reputation in the airsoft world.

    Brands such as JinMing (JM) or Lehui (LH) are brands that focus exclusively on gel blasters.

    Where buy a orbeez gun? 


    • Amazon
    • WallMart

    These marketplaces are big sellers of gel blasters, more precisely of products for children.

    Professional website:

    Specialized websites allow to have a service and an expertise in the field.


    The gel blaster gun is safe? 

    For beginners, it may be important to check if the product is safe.
    With an orange tip, orange tape and safety glasses.
    If the product does not have these elements, they can be added later.

    Points to check:

    • Orange tap
    • Orange tip
    • Color bullet
    • safety glasses




    After choosing all the items, you can weight them according to the importance you attach to each.

    With this guide, you will already have a smaller list containing the perfect gel blaster gun for you.

    Did this guide help you in your choice? Tell us in comments

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