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December 16, 2019 3 min read


Gel blasters in USA is getting more and more popularity with every passing day. The Gel blaster is a toy that normally looks similar to real guns. China introduced these toy guns for the very first e*time as an alternative to airsoft guns. But now these gel ball shooters are becoming increasingly popular in various other regions just like Australia. Here, gel blasters have gained popularity quite quickly. Within a few years, these are getting the massive following in states like South Australia and Queensland. Gel ball blasters have been around for 5 years almost.

Gelblastergun.com sold gel blasters since January 2018. We have expertise in this field. 

However, still, there are a lot of people who don’t know the fact of what is a gel blaster. Or how it actually works? So, without going anywhere else, let’s have a look at the basic information in this regard. The explanation given below will certainly help you to find all the answers to your questions regarding gel blasters.

What is a gel blaster?

Gel blasters have multiple names. These are also known as gel soft, gel guns, gel blaster gun,  gel markers, hydro markers, gel shooters, etc. While these gel ball blasters are toy guns which are much similar to airsoft guns or nerf. However, these products have a lesser impact as compared to nerf but the market positioning is for the older ones, it is a premium positioning. The gel blasters usually shoot hydrated water gel balls.

The gel balls size is 6-8 mm and its made in polymer water beads (sodium polyacrylate).

The other name of gel balls are: water galls, wate bullets, gel bullets, hydrogel bullets, water beads and gel projectiles. Read this article to know more about gel balls

Even more, the gel blasters can be manual, the battery operates or spring-powered shot manual.

This is also the best alternative to paintball which comes way lesser mess than what paintballs make. These toys are made of wonderful absorbent polymer water beads, which are available for toys commercially. However, the players which use these gel blasters are known as gel ballers.

How does a gel blaster work?

As these toys’ guns are similar to nerf or airsoft gun but instead of shooting a hard-plastic pallet or a foam ball, gel blasters usually shoot small and harmless water balls. Most of the gel blasters can shoot around 20 m on the basis of the gun model.


Inside the blaster, these guns are using compressed air from the plunger tube. While gel ball ammo which these guns are using are environmentally friendly and non-toxic. It is because these are made by soaking into the water for almost 4 hours. When you will fire the gel ball holds its form and then explode on its impact.

Most of the people in multiple regions are enjoying this fun game because it is perfectly safe to play.

Why you can invest in a gel blaster?

Here are the reasons why you should buy a gel blaster:

  • A gel blaster is a safe gun toy to play.
  • These are non-toxic and environmentally friendly.
  • These have a lesser impact than other popular guns like nerf. Therefore, these would not cause any serious injury to anyone.
  • The gel blaster can be an ideal alternative to toy guns like Nerf and airsoft.
  • These guns do not create any mess.

Well, overall gel blasters are enjoyable and safe to use. Therefore, you can easily consider these as an amazing option for you.


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