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    What is the best gel blaster in 2023 ?

    October 06, 2022

    What is the best gel blaster in 2023  ?



    If you have arrived on this page, it is because you are lost in the middle of the large choice of products available on the US market. We will help you to see more clearly so that you find the perfect model for you. 

    Want something different from the colorful gel blasters on Amazon or Wallmart? 

    Our selection is intended for Americans, these products are shipped from the United States (CA). 


    How to select the Best Gel Blaster Gun?

    We have divided the best products into more categories.

    Indeed, everyone is looking for a different product and does not have the same expectations.
    It is therefore more relevant to make sub-categories of the best gel blasters according to different criteria and their weighting.

    Indeed, for some, the price is the most important factor, for some, the performance, for others a combination of several factors and thus, some want a unique product.

    That's why we have selected THE product that suits you according to YOUR expectations to have your best gel toy.

    We have chosen products that are available in the USA, with fast delivery and not from Chinese sellers who deliver in 4 weeks.

    Read our guide to choose your gel blaster


    The best gel gun for beginner 

    JM X2 V2

    gel ball pistol JM X2

    The JM X2 is an electric gun with a drum mag, it is fully equipped and available at only $39.

    Easy to use, it is perfect for those first steps in the gel blaster universe.

    Indeed, with this product, you will see the possibilities and the fun that gel blasters allow.

    The performance is correct for pre-teens and teens who want to have fun.

    CLICK HERE to see the product in detail.


    The best gel blaster gun - quality / price ratio

    JM GEN8 type M4A1


    best gel blaster G8

    The G8 is a classic among gel ball blaster.
    Available since 2018 on the market, it has a good reputation for its quality / price ratio. Indeed, it is rather well made for an attractive price.

    It is made of nylon, with a GEN8 gearbox and a holographic scope.

    There are a lot of parts available on the market to improve it, whether it's for performance or aesthetics. You can change anything on it. That's what makes it so strong.
    If you're tired of it, or you're used to it, you can improve it.

    The JM G8 can also be called the best gel blaster to start in the RIFLE category. 


    CLICK HERE to see the product in detail.



    The most powerful orbeez gun for a good price in 2023 


    best Gel toys in 2022

    GBG has developed a line of upgraded products for people looking for products that are already performing right out of the box.

    It is quite easy to improve a gel blaster but not very durable. That's why it may be appropriate to call in the professionals for this.

    We have seen that the GEN8 can be considered the best gel blaster to start with in the rifle category, it is even better in an upgraded version.

    This improved version only concerns the internal modifications, for the performances. The exterior and aesthetics are entirely original.

    Thus, the GEN8 UP is also considered the best value for money performance.
    It allows to have 280 fps for a reasonable price. A real score, not a fake score found on some products.

    All the internal elements have been changed to make the product perform, but also durable. It's good to perform, it's even better to perform for a long time.




    The best quality gel toy in 2023

    JJ SR16

    best quality gel blaster in 2022

    The JJ SR16 has the highest quality construction.
    All components are of high quality, brand name accessories, a metal gearbox, a high quality nylon receiver and better details and finishes than other models in the category. The receiver also has metal accessories.

    This is the best you can do for a product leaving the factory without modification.

    It is also easily upgradeable, you can put a long magazine, a sand colored handle and a metal fishbone, for example. 


    CLICK HERE to see the product in detail.




    The best gel ball gun full upgraded 



    best upgraded gel toys in 2022

    This product developed by GBG is a construction from A to Z to propose on the market a powerful product, with many metal parts without an excessive price.

    The development from the buttom to select the right parts for the vision we had of the M4A1.

    Inside, the parts have been modified to have good performance, good speed while keeping precision. Which is not easy on a gel blaster.

    It is made of nylon and metal to ensure its durability.

    On the aesthetic level, many parts are made of metal to reinforce this quality.

    Our M4A1 reach 280 fps easily and keep a good accuracy.

    This model look similar than Gen8 upgraded, but its completely different. Its simple, there is no parts in commun, the receiver, the mag, the handguard, the buttstock, etc... are different. 




    Which of these products do you prefer? 
    Do these categories and our choices match your expectations?
    A product is missing in the selection?
    Do you already have one? Tell us all about it in comment section 😊

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