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    PDX Gel Blaster JINGJI - Black or Tan







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    Instroduction to the JJ PDX Gel Ball Blaster

    The PDX gel blaster is made of premium nylon. Additionally, this beauty has an useful and comfortable CQB stock, a key-mod handguard with accessories, and an ergonomic Maxime Defense pul pistol grip.

    Additionally, it has an alloy inner barrel and an alloy outer barrel. This gel blaster not only has the aesthetics you would come to expect from such a high-quality brand such as JJ, but it also has the functionality.

    NOTE: The original Nozzle is BLACK. 


    Unboxing Video of the JJ PDX CQB gel blaster gun 


    Main Features of the PDX CQB Gel Gun

    • Maxim Defense MDX high strength nylon magazine
    • Maxim Defense PDX 6.45" nylon fishbone
    • Maxim Defense metal hand stopper
    • Maxim Defense PDW nylon rear brace
    • New 20° motor grip
    • Metal Pull Handle / Case Window / Barrier Button Non-functional / Magazine Lock / Tennis Racket / Double-sided Speeder / Sleeve
    • New generation nylon case
    • Metal airlock return kit
    • Metal Blade Linkage System
    • Double-sided fast/slow linkage
    • Customized non-adjustable metal gears
    • Anti-rotation limit of air cylinder added
    • Stainless steel rack and pinion reinforced ladder
    • New metal trigger/tailpiece/push nozzle



    Details of the PDX gel blaster features


    The window opened with the metal PDX parts inside.

    PDX Gel Blaster


    Metal barrel:

    PDX Gel Blaster


    Zoom on the mag:

    PDX Gel Blaster






    Performance of the PDX Toy gun

    Tested with a 7.4v

    • 240 feet per seconds
    • 15 rounds per seconds
    • 25m firing distance


    Included with the PDX gel blaster gun

    PDX Gel Blaster
    1. PDX gel blaster
    2. mag
    3. iron sights
    4. muzzle
    5. safety glasses

    11.1V XT30 battery for PDX is available here.



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    The PDX gel blaster stands tall as a testament to premium craftsmanship, fashioned entirely from high-grade nylon. It doesn't just boast sleek aesthetics; it's a powerhouse of functionality.

    This exceptional piece of engineering by JJ is a treat for enthusiasts and serious gamers alike.

    This beauty is equipped with features that redefine versatility and comfort. From its practical and comfortable CQB stock to the key-mod handguard decked out for accessories, every detail is meticulously designed.

    The ergonomic Maxime Defense pul pistol grip ensures a snug fit and ease of use.

    But it's not just about looks. The PDX gel blaster goes beyond aesthetics. With an alloy inner barrel and an alloy outer barrel, this blaster is built to deliver performance. It's not just a showpiece; it's a powerhouse on the field.

    With a mag prime and two firing modes, this orbeez blaster swiftly positions itself as the go-to primary weapon and an exceptional all-rounder.

    The store beckons, inviting enthusiasts to witness firsthand the epitome of quality and innovation.

    Delve deeper into its components, and you'll uncover an impressive array: the Maxim Defense MDX high-strength nylon magazine, the Maxim Defense PDX 6.45" nylon fishbone, and the Maxim Defense metal hand stopper.

    And that's just the beginning.

    The blaster comes adorned with an array of additions that showcase its precision engineering: a Maxim Defense PDW nylon rear brace, a new 20° motor grip, and a meticulously crafted Metal Pull Handle, Case Window, Barrier Button, and more.

    Each element contributes to its performance and durability.

    From the reinforced stainless steel rack and pinion ladder to the innovative Metal Blade Linkage System and the anti-rotation limit of the air cylinder, every detail has been fine-tuned for excellence.

    The new metal trigger, tailpiece, and push nozzle attest to the meticulous craftsmanship.

    In summary, the PDX gel blaster isn't just a toy; it's a marvel of engineering excellence, a fusion of premium materials, innovative design, and exceptional functionality.

    It's not just a purchase; it's an investment in unparalleled performance and endless gaming excitement.