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    MP5 Gel blaster - JM V2 - US STOCK







    • JM brand reputation
    • Good Quality / Price Ratio
    • Upgrade friendly
    • Good quality for small price
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    Introduction of the JM MP5 gel blaster


    The MP5 gel blaster is a replica of the iconic MP5 submachine gun, renowned for its compact design and versatility.

    As a gel blaster, it operates using water-absorbing polymer gel balls as ammunition, offering enthusiasts a safe and entertaining way to simulate the use of firearms.

    The MP5 is a CQB gel blaster (Close Quarters Battle). This one is made by the famous JM brand. 
    The MP5 have a gen8 gearbox like th M249, the Gen8 M4A1 or the SCAR V2.
    The body is in nylon

    Note: The original nozzle is grey.

    Features of the MP5 gel blaster

    • GEN8 gearbox
    • Nylon body
    • CQB gel blaster
    • FULL AUTO mode
    • Around 230 FPS
    • 100 ft range

    Video of the JM MP5 gel blaster

    Detail of the JM MP5

    MP5 gel blaster box

    Inside the box of the MP5

    MP5 gel blaster box


    Included with the MP5 Gel blaster

    MP5 gel blaster

    1. MP5 gel toy
    2. Straight Magazine
    3. 1000 Round Water Gel Beads
    4. Goggles
    5. USB Cable
    6. 7.4v Li-ion Battery

    Size of the MP5 gel blaster

    MP5 gel blaster


    More information about the JM MP5 gel gun


    Within the gel blaster community, the MP5 gel blaster, inspired by the famed Heckler & Koch MP5 submachine pistol, embodies the iconic design and functionality of its real-world counterpart. The MP5 gel blaster is a popular choice among enthusiasts and collectors because to its compactness, adaptability, and dependability.

    Crafted with care, these gel blasters frequently reproduce the MP5's distinguishing features, such as the retractable stock, the unusual handguard, and the overall aesthetics that closely match the original firearm. This focus on detail makes for a more immersive and authentic game experience.

    The popularity of the MP5 gel blaster is partly due to its agility and versatility in various gaming conditions. Its small size enables quick movements and easy handling, making it perfect for close-quarters combat and tactical gameplay. Many versions also include adjustable features, allowing users to change things like the stock length or the sights for more comfort and precision when shooting.

    When using gel blasters, including the MP5 type, safety is always a major priority. Adhering to safety regulations, wearing adequate protective clothing, and utilizing these blasters in specified places are all necessary practices to guarantee that all participants have a safe and pleasurable experience.


    Why choose Jinming gel blaster ? 


    Choosing a Jinming gel blaster comes down to several key factors that enthusiasts often appreciate. First and foremost, Jinming blasters are known for their reliability and performance. They often boast durable construction, efficient mechanisms, and consistent firing capabilities, offering users a reliable and enjoyable shooting experience.

    Another reason to opt for a Jinming gel blaster is their wide range of models and designs. Whether someone prefers pistols, rifles, or more specialized blasters, Jinming tends to offer a diverse selection to cater to various preferences and playstyles.

    Additionally, Jinming blasters are often designed with modifiability in mind. They frequently feature compatibility with aftermarket parts and upgrades, allowing users to personalize and enhance their blasters according to individual preferences, whether it's for improved performance or aesthetics.

    Overall, Jinming gel blasters are favored for their reliability, variety, and modifiability, making them a popular choice among gel blaster enthusiasts seeking a blend of performance, customization options, and a diverse range of models to suit their needs and interests.