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    gel blaster grenade launcher LDT M320







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    INTRODUCTION OF LDT M320 grenade launcher

    The M320 is a modular 40mm grenade launcher developed by the German company, Heckler & Koch (H&K). It is designed to be a lightweight and versatile weapon that can be mounted on a variety of platforms, including assault rifles, machine guns, and vehicles.

    The M320 features a break-open action that allows for quick loading and unloading of the weapon, as well as a side-mounted breech that allows for the firing of longer-than-standard rounds. The launcher can fire a variety of 40mm rounds, including high-explosive, smoke, illumination, and less-lethal rounds.

    The M320 is used by a number of military and law enforcement agencies around the world, including the US military, which has adopted the M320 as its primary grenade launcher.

    The LDT M320 is the gel blaster version create by LDT.

    Note: The original nozzle is black 

    VIDEO OF LDT M320 grenade launcher


    Presentation of LDT M320 grenade laucher gel blaster :

    The M320 Grenade Launcher is a versatile toy gun that can be used as an attachment for rail-equipped rifles or as a standalone weapon.

    Made of metal and nylon, it weighs 2.2 lbs and measures 14*8.66*3.93 inches in size.

    It is powered by green gas, which can be charged into the shell and fired by pulling the trigger.

    When fired, the green gas is released with a sound similar to that of artillery fire.

    This product comes with an M320 Grenade Launcher and 2 aluminium bullets.

    It can also be loaded with party confetti in cannonballs to celebrate birthdays, graduations, New Year's Eve, weddings, or for pranks.

    This cool toy gun is an excellent choice for upgrading toy gun collections.

    Please note that green gas is not included with the product.

    In the operation part, there is a conspicuous release button in front of the trigger, and the launch tube can be ejected up by pushing up. In addition, the trigger angle of the toy is a little larger than that of real iron, and Ares has not fixed this bug until now.)

    The side installation mechanism of the M320 can use some grenades with long body, but this is not common in the mainland. The hooks to lock the launch tube are made of plastic, so you don't have to worry too much about the wear of the launch tube.


    The launch tube has no rifling and an inner diameter of 40.5, which is smaller than the common launchers on the market, but it is still compatible with most grenades. At present, only the single-barrel paint grenade of sy is known to be incompatible.


    Although the M320 is more suitable for use alone, it can also be installed directly on the rail. Since there is no gun with a 6-point rail woodguard on hand, let's just take the M17 here... Anyway, everything you want to express is the same.


    What is included in the box of the LDT M320 gel blaster ?


    1 x LDT M320

    2 x 40mm CNC ALUMINIUM LDT bullet 

    How to use this LDT M320 gel blaster ?

    1. Put the LDT 3.0 gel balls on the bullet

    2. Put the green gas in the bullet

    3. Install the bullet on the LDT M320

    4. Shot 


    Whish gel balls should be use?

    The LDT 3.0 gel balls

    Exemple of installation of the LDT M320 gel launcher on the LDT HK416:

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