11.1V Battery Gel blaster JM ACR Gen10

  • Upgraded to 11.1V
  • Tactical version
  • Increase the Shoot / Second



Your ACR Gen10 gel blaster deserve the best battery, we choose the BOSLI battery for our gel blaster. 

Suitable for ACR Gen10or your ACR Upgraded and other blasters which requires a SM plug and this shape like Lehui MCX / MPX and MP9.


  • Increases firing speed up to 50%.
  • Built with an excellent nano cell with high power, it has a long life to satisfy the outdoor use.
  • High quality manufactured, its high quality aviation aluminum shell ensures stable performance and high reliability
  • SM plug with 2.5mm wire for high power demand
  • 4P international universal charging port


Standard voltage: 11.1v
Battery capacity: 1300mah
Charging time: 2h
Charging port: 4p
Working temperature: 0-40 degrees

Battery size: 


We recommend to use our charger for the 11.1V Battery