800ml Gel Balls Bullet Loading Bottles with 10000pcs 7-8mm Ammo Beads for Water Gun Toys

800ml Gel balls bullet loading bottles with 10000 pcs 7-8mm ammo beads fit for water gun blasting toys.

Color: Black + Orange
Bottle Material: Plastic
Bottle Capacity: 800 ml
Gel Balls Quantity: 10000 Pcs
Gel Balls Final Full Size: 7~8 mm

1.Competition grade gel balls.
2.Gel balls, non-toxic and biodegradable.
3.800ml bottles can carry a lot of gel balls.
4.Soak in water for 4 hrs to reach full size 7mm-8mm.
5.With super water absorption, safety and environmental protection.
6.Size of these gel balls reach 7mm-8mm after 4 hours in clean water.
7.Perfect to add to a decorative vase or container, decoration, gardening, pots, vases, art design and much more.
8.The little lid on the cap can be opened, and the gel balls can be replenish more quickly and conveniently.

Choking hazard, Keep away from the mouth. Do not eat or swallow, not for small children, always store in a high 
area away from children, always use under adult supervision.

Package Included:
1 x Bottle
1 x Bag Of Gel Balls(10000 Pcs)

More Details: