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Gel Blaster RQ Runqi P90 - US STOCK







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  • Made for fun


Get ready for action with the ultimate Orbeez P90 toy gun that shoots both water balls (gel balls / Orbeez).

Finding the right toy gun can be a difficult task. There are so many different ones that it's easy to get lost. But what do children really want? They often want toys that can be used in different ways.

They want to adapt their play style 'on the fly' and rarely stick to one toy or activity for long. Today your children want to shoot foam darts and tomorrow they want to try something else. This gel gun has it all.

The gel balls are made of environmentally friendly material and are 100% biodegradable. The small water balls do not harm the environment or the animals that come into contact with them, so you don't have to worry about that.

Water ball shooting (gel balls / orbeez) is the perfect solution for anyone who likes to play with toy guns but hates losing Nerf darts everywhere. Picking up all the foam darts after a battle is really a total waste and you will never get them all back, believe me. With our water ball refill pack, you get almost unlimited ammunition at an absolutely low price.

Our water balls and gel blasters are designed not to hurt anyone. They are extremely soft and you can easily hit your playing partner without fear of hurting them. For me and my children, this is an advantage. Having a garden battle has never been so safe and fun before. Get your set of these fantastic guns before our sale stock runs out for good.

NOTE: The Original Nozzle is Black

VIDEO PRESENTATION of the Orbeez gun P90: 


P90 Spatter ball gun P90 Features:

Light weight and portable

Brand: RUN QI

gel ball size: 7-8mm

material: nylon

color: black; multicolor; white

Size: 77cm x 32cm

Performance of the P90 orbeez blaster:

Firing Range: 15 - 25 Meters

Fire rate: 8rps

fire power: 150-180fps

package included:

1x runqi p90 gel blaster

1x mag

1x safety glasses

1x pack gel balls

1x manual

1x 7.4v rechargeable lipo battery

1x usb charger

1x gel ball bottle

1x sight


NEW VERSION: The silencer is replaced by orange fire cap


How to use the p90 gel gun blaster?

Please also check the video of presentation, everything is explained :) 

Please observe the following safety rules: 

- Please follow the rules in your country and state. 
- Gel blasters are toys and should be used as such. 
- They should not be used in public places.
- Use the products with proper equipment and protective eyewear glasses
- Minors may play with the products only if legal guardians allow it. 
- Gel blasters must be transported in their original boxes. 

And more, please read the disclaimer page