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    Gel Blaster LH SIG 552 - US STOCK

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    • High Quality Gel Blaster
    • Lot of metal parts
    • 280 REAL and DURABLE FPS from the box
    • US STOCK 


    Features of the gel blaster gun S552:

    • Pre-feed
    • Single shot Triple shot Continuous shot
    • Wave 3
    • New super stable fire control chip
    • PA66 high strength nylon body
    • Metal Gear
    • Metal fire cap
    • Metal inner tube
    • Metal Sleeve
    • Metal Trigger
    • Metal Bow Guard
    • Metal Bilateral Linkage Fast and Slow
    • Metal Magazine Release Key
    • Metal Rear Bracket Folding Parts
    • Metal Upper Rail
    • Metal puller handle
    • Adjustable rear mechanical sight height and left/right
    • Rear mechanical sight notch type spy hole type can be switched
    • Switchable high and low front sight
    • Initial speed around 70
    • Original 480 motor 32000rpm
    • Original 1.1 unequal distance spring 


    Performance  of the gel toy LH SIG 552:

    • 280 FPS
    • Range  100 FT
    • 28 RPS


    FULL Presentation video of the gel toys LH S552:

    WARGAME gel blaster video of SIG 552:

    Details of the LH gel blaster SIG 552:

    The orbeez gun LH SIG552 left and right view, the body is mainly made of PA66 high-strength nylon, the magazine uses 30-round standard magazine shape, the overall appearance is similar to the original one:



    The rear tray can be firmly locked on the right side of the chassis after folding, which is extremely friendly for carrying and small space games, and the tray adopts a one-piece injection molding process, which greatly enhances the texture and durability.

     Rear tray folding parts are made of metal, folded to reveal the rear of the wave box, quick release tail top to play a certain maintenance convenience, high purity PC material wave case in injection molding precision has a certain guarantee: 

    Rear grip compared to the other brand of gel blaster toys increased the motor adjustment nut, making the gel blaster more convenient in terms of motor and gear stability debugging:

    The magazine adopts the upper and lower split structure, are integrated injection molding, the upper magazine is not a three-piece combination, metal fast and slow machine left and right linkage, the magazine all inscription markings for digital pad printing process, the overall clear and bright. (shooting samples left fast and slow machine font logo misalignment, large goods have been corrected):

    From the fast and slow machine gears can be seen, the toy is equipped with a lock. Single shot. Three shots point and shoot a total of four gears, thanks to the toy is equipped with a new version of the toy fire control chip, the normal test 11.1 high discharge battery can still be stable under the support of the realization:



     Trigger and bow guard  magazine release buckle are made of metal, and the bow guard can be moved left and right, for players wearing gloves, greatly increasing the convenience of operation:

    The Victor SIG552 puller handle is made of metal and the details of the shell throwing window are engraved accordingly, but due to the limitation of the toy, it is not a fully functional design. Pulling the puller handle can open the shell throwing window, along with the activation of the pre-feeding function, but unfortunately the reload function cannot be added:


     The metal upper rail is fixed in a relatively novel way, the upper three holes are not screw holes, only to restore the decorative role, the actual fixed use of the rear photo door seat card position and the front of the rail a hexagonal screw rivet pull structure to fix, making the whole section of the rail more stable:

    The rear mechanical aim not only restores the up and down adjustment function, but also meticulously restores the S552's hybriddoor design, notch type and spy hole type can be switched at will, adding to the playfulness:

    The top and bottom of the front handguard split structure, heat dissipation holes are restored, and the bottom and right side are equipped with standard type rails to increase the expandability of the toy:

    The upper end of the handguard is equipped with a one-touch detachable buckle near the side of the magazine rail:

    Open the upper handguard that is the battery compartment, the capacity is fair, Bosly  assault version battery can be placed normally, the plug using SM specifications, the wire is silver-plated wire. 

    The front collimator can be switched between high and low dual modes, and the ejector pin positions on the left and right sides of the base are slightly more eye-catching:

    The fire cap model is made of metal, and the details of the air guide seat have been restored accordingly:

    The casing screw teeth for 14 reverse tooth interface, in the beginning of the design for the player friends reserved for the built-in upper rotation mounting position, the normal 9.5-11 built-in upper rotation can be installed directly and does not affect the outer tube shape after the fire cap model installed back:

    The magazine is injection molded in one piece, the body is semi-transparent teal, the full load of water ammunition is about 220 balls, the injection port is small, it is recommended to use the bullet adder to load the ammunition:

    Included in the box:

    Please note, battery is not included on high end gel blaster.  


    Please observe the following safety rules: 

    - Please follow the rules in your country and state. 
    - Gel blasters are toys and should be used as such. 
    - They should not be used in public places.
    - Use the products with proper equipment and protective eyewear glasses
    - Minors may play with the products only if legal guardians allow it. 
    - Gel blasters must be transported in their original boxes. 

    And more, please read the disclaimer page