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Introduction of the HLF ARP9 Gel Toys

This gel blaster is made by HLF company.

New brand company on the gel blaster market.

This model is base on the XYL ARP9, a very good CQB. 

The XYL ARP9 gel blaster is one of the best CQB gel ball blasters!

It has a full nylon external construction, adjustable buttstock, and a very high-quality v2 gearbox with metal gears. 

The performance are good for a short blaster. The ARP9 reach 250 fps out the box with a good accuracy. 


Features of the gel ARP9 

  • 480 motor
  • 30m range
  • Size: 50-59 cm x 28 cm
  • Full Nylon
  • Buttstock adjustable
  • Metal gears
  • Metal trigger
  • Metal dust cover


Unboxing Video of the XYL ARP9 gel blaster gun:


Video Presentation of the ARP9:


More features of the XYL ARP9 gel blaster: 

High quality gearbox V2 type:


Inside the gearbox: 


Metal gears:

Already the best installed on this gearbox, you dont need to upgrade it. 
The metal gears are resistant and durable.

1.2 spring:

Special mofset:
480 motor 11.1v:



 Adjustable buttstock:

Adjust the buttstock like you want:


The buttstock integraded the battery:


Pull function:


Push fonction:


New filling system for the mag.


On the side: 


This magazine is one of the best mag create for a gel blaster. Very high quality product.

It's possible to upgrade the mag by a drum mag:

Video of the ARP9 with the drum mag:



  • Firing Power: Approximately 245 FPS
  • RPS: up to 15 rounds per second
  • Fire range: 30m

Tested with the original 7.4v battery


Package Included:


1x Brand New HLF ARP9 Gel gun
1x ARP9 Gel Ball Magazine
1x 7.4V Li-on Rechargeable Battery
1x USB Charging Cable
1x Safety Glasses 
1x Gell Ball pack


To resume:

1. full nylon fiberglass material, better surface workmanship, AEG standard latest trendy models.
2. the addition of fire control chip makes the internal gearbox performance is stable.
3. the original configuration of high-speed motor, 11.1 V to 25000 rpm.
4. pull the machine handle pre-feeding bullet, machine piece linkage.
5. the original configuration of the full-featured nylon machine aim, good workmanship.
6. metal accessories with sufficient materials: metal casing, metal threaded casing seat, competitive metal trigger, fast and slow machine paddle, pull the machine handle, die-casting gear set.



Please observe the following safety rules: 

- Please follow the rules in your country and state. 
- Gel blasters are toys and should be used as such. 
- They should not be used in public places.
- Use the products with proper equipment and protective eyewear glasses
- Minors may play with the products only if legal guardians allow it. 
- Gel blasters must be transported in their original boxes. 

And more, please read the disclaimer page