Jinming Gen8 Gell Blaster - US STOCK


8th generation of Jinming Gearbox

Full Nylon body

One of the best gel blaster

Best base to upgrade

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    The Colt M4A1 is an evolution of the famous Colt M4 which has been used by the US military since 1994. This version of the COLT M4 is equipped with the free burst function and has a removable handle that can be replaced by a vision scope.

    Jinming's interpretation has a viewfinder with a laser on top.

    The M4A1 have 4 other side rails to add some accessories.

    The M4A1 J8 is one of the greatest successes of recent years. It marks a major turning point in the world of gel blasters.

    This blaster gel has the famous 8th generation gearbox from Jinming. It is made of PC which makes it firm and solid. The texture is also more qualitative than the previous generations.

    This water gun is really appreciated by users because it is easy to use and offers an unlimited number of possibilities for improvement.

    Indeed, from the gearbox to buttstock, all can be upgrade. You can add metal parts, anodized parts, increase performance by optimizing the gearbox or changing the battery. 




    Presentation of Jinming M4A1 GEN8:

    Here are the different parts that make up this gel gun.


    The specifications of this product are located in 2 elements: a nylon body and a 9th generation gearbox.

    this one has:

    • Fire cap
    • Strap buckle
    • Front sight
    • 4 x Rail
    • Sight
    • Bolt
    • Telescopic button
    • Switch mode
    • Trigger
    • Magazine


    We will look at these elements in detail.


    The most important part of the gel blaster: the gearbox.

    The 8th generation of the Jinming gearbox. This gearbox have transparent PC material shell.


    The gearbox is driven by a 460 motor.
    This motor is the same as M4A1 GEN9. 

    Powered by a 7.4v / 1200 mAh type 14500.

     The battery is located along the buttstock.

    To fully enjoy Jinming, we recommend that you replace it with an 11.1v battery.

    The M4A1 J8 have a holographic scope

    M4A1 gen8 have 5 rails of which are on the fishbone.

    Lot of magazine are available for this gel blaster. You can put drum magazine for example. 

    Pull the bolt to open the access to the gearbox.

    Without function of the barrier rod, the interior has a pressure spring, can be pressed.

    What is included in the box of the gel blaster Jinming M4A1 GEN8?

    1 x gel baster JINMING M4A1 Gen8

    1 x magazine

    1 x grip

    1 x battery 7.4V

    1 x USB Charger

    1 x Packet of gel balls

    1 x safety glasses

    1 x bottle

    The JM M4A1 J8 is no longer working?

    Dont worry this product is completely removable and easy to repair. The M4A1 GEN8 is the product with the most spare parts on the market.


    How to use this gel blaster gun?


    1. Install the product according to the instructions.
    2. Soak the balls in as much water as possible for 4 to 6 hours.
    3. In same time, charge the battery.
    4. Place the battery.
    5. Fill the magazine with gel balls.
    6. Let’s go for the adventure.

    Detailed explanations:


      1. Install the product according to the video:


    1. Wire docking
    2. Install the grip
    3. Place the battery
    4. Install the rear support folding
    5. Install the muzzle, mechanical sight, barrel and fire cap
    6. Fix it

    1. Soak the balls in as much water as possible for 4 to 6 hours.


    Whish gel balls should be use?

    This model uses 7-8 mm gel balls. The optimal size is 7.45 mm.

    You can find the perfect gel balls for this model here:https://gelblastergun.com/products/gel-ball-ammo

    Gel balls are available in 2 packages: 20000 or 40000 gel balls and 4 colors: Clear, Blue, Orange and Green.

      1. Charge the battery

    Connect the battery to the USB charger. Its 3 pins charger used for this type of battery.

    Connect the USB to your computer.

    When the LED turn to green, its OK.


    1. Place the battery


    It is necessary to place the battery in the grip.



    1. Fill the magazine with gel balls.

    1. Open the magazine
    2. Pouring the balls
    3. Preload
    4. Shot

    What is the performance of this gel blaster?

    Shooting performance: 200-220 fps

    max range of this gun: At least 20M straight and 35M about curve shooting.


    You can click here to learn more about performance measurement: “how are performance measured?”

    What is the capacity of the magazine?


    The capacity of the magazine is about 200 gel balls.


    Can you upgrade the M4A1 J8?


    Oh yes, you can change lot of this gel blaster. Performance and aesthetic parts are available.


    All aesthetic parts, metal parts can be add to improve the look and solidity and durability off the products.

    We sell metal fishbone, metal buttstock and other metals parts for this gel blaster gun.

    You can find metal parts here:



    First piece we recommand to add, this is the hopup. We recommand Adjustable Hop Up:



    Second part is the battery. Change to 11.1v,  in order to get all the power from the original gearbox and 460 engine, put a new battery will change the performance:


    After, you can change gearbox and motor.

    Nylon gearbox accep most powerful motor.


    We have full kit to upgrade:


    Or this kit:



    And other kit are avalaible.


    Or just the nylon frame:



    We recommend this motor:


    And now, You have a very powerful gel blaster!


    Lot of other parts can be change to produce the craziest gel blaster there is.

    Dont hesitate to contact us about upgrade.


    What is the size of the product and the box?


    The product is 71 cm long and 30 cm high.

    The box measures 65 cm by 34 cm by 7.5 cm








  • Brand: Jinming

    Model: M4A1

    Version: GEN8

    Color: Black

    Material: plastic ABS and electronic components

    Use age: 14 years old and above

    Size balls: 7-8mm

    Size: 71 x 30 cm