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    SLR AK Gel Blaster







    • High end 
    • Metal Gears
    • Mag fed
    • Modern AK
    • V3 version

    Introduction of the  LH SLR AK Gel Blaster


    LAST PIECES IN STOCK, The product is no longer manufactured


    Discover the version of the famous SLR AK made by Lehui

    High end gel blaster with the features you need to enjoy your game. The body is entirely made of good quality nylon (LH brand) with metal elements for good performance. 

    The LH SLR AK is a gel blaster variant that combines SLR (Self-Loading Rifle) design components with AK (Avtomat Kalashnikova) series rifle aesthetics. It's a hybrid design that draws inspiration from both weapon families, providing aficionados with a one-of-a-kind and visually stunning gel blaster choice.

    This AK gel blaster has the traditional body style and ergonomics of an AK platform while also including certain design influences from the SLR series rifles. It's designed to look like these rifles, except it shoots gel balls instead of bullets.

    The SLR AK, like other gel blasters, is used in gel blaster games, target shooting, and collection among gel blaster replica fans. Its design, which is reminiscent of both the SLR and AK series, appeals to enthusiasts of military-style rifles and adds a unique aesthetic to the gel blaster sport.

    While these gel blasters seem like actual firearms, it is non-lethal toys that discharge water-absorbent gel balls as ammo. When using any gel blaster, including ones made to imitate actual firearms, responsible handling and following to safety instructions are critical.


    Installation and Review of the LH SLR AK gel toy

    Detail of the LH SLR AK gel blaster gun

    folding bracket

    AK Gel Blaster - LH SLR  - US STOCK

    Preload fonction

    AK Gel Blaster - LH SLR  - US STOCK

    Blowback fonction

    AK Gel Blaster - LH SLR  - US STOCK


    The  SLR AK is perfect with SM PLUG - 11.1V battery (not included):

    AK Gel Blaster - LH SLR  - US STOCK


    There is a tactical handguard



    AK Gel Blaster - LH SLR  - US STOCK

    2 Upper receiver: One black, one orange. 

    AK Gel Blaster - LH SLR  - US STOCK
    AK Gel Blaster - LH SLR  - US STOCK


    Features of the SLR AK gel blaster

    • Type: Automatic, battery operated
    • Firing Modes: Full-auto & Semi-auto
    • Highest quality materials and craftsmanship
    • Designed and built with the utmost  attention to detail
    • Heavy, and well distributed weight
    • Strong nylon construction from tip to stock
    • No.2 Gearbox with metal Gears
    • 18:1 Gear ratio
    • Metal barrel
    • Metal outer barrel to reduce vibration
    • Metal fire cap
    • CNC Metal switch
    • CNC Metal Pin
    • CNC Metal collapsible stock joint 
    • Metal top cover
    • Laser Print on Receiver
    • Reinforcement – Solid metal rod for added strength
    • Collapsible stock
    • Charging handle opens dust cover
    • Uses 7-8mm gel balls


    Note: The original nozzle is black. 


    Warning: The trigger can be easily removed. Use the product with care
    It can also be reassembled.


    Performance of the SLR AK :

    • Up to 280 Feet Per Second
    • Up to 25m Firing Distance
    • Up to 20 Rounds Per Second


    In The Box of the SLR AK:

    • 1 x LH SLR AK Gel Blaster
    • 1 x Magazine
    • 1 x Black Metal Receiver Cover
    • 1 x Sling
    • 1 x Bottle
    • 1 x Safety Glasses
    • 1 x Packs of Gel Balls
    • 1 x Illustrated Instructions 
    • 1 x Black nozzle (not orange)