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    P320 gel blaster pistol - M17 - US STOCK







    • With a Laser
    • High end gel blaster pistol
    • Electric 
    • blow back
    • Metal gears
    • Metal barrel


    Introduction of the electric P320 toy guns


    Immerse yourself in tactical play with the P320 Gel Blaster, a high-quality copy inspired by the legendary Sig Sauer P320. This gel toy blends realism and performance for safe and thrilling gameplay.

    The P320 Gel Blaster represents a fusion of advanced technology and precision engineering, featuring an electric blow-back mechanism, metal gears, and a durable metal barrel.

    Its adaptable design allows for customization, empowering enthusiasts to modify components for varied performance levels.

    This blaster isn't just about entertainment; it fosters community engagement, creating a vibrant space where players share experiences and strategies.

    Additionally, it promotes safety, teamwork, and critical thinking skills, offering both recreational fun and educational value.

    In essence, the P320 Gel Blaster isn't merely a toy: it's a doorway to a world where technology meets recreation, fostering a sense of community, strategy, and immersive entertainment for enthusiasts at all levels.


    Features of the P320 gel blaster

    • Metal gears
    • Metal barrel
    • Laser
    • High quality Nylon body


    Video of the P320 M17


    Specifications of the P320 gel blaster pistol 

    1. Brand: UDL
    2. Model: P320 M17
    3. Material: Nylon
    4. Firemode: semi-auto
    5. Color: full black
    6. Ammo type: 7-8mm Gel Balls
    7. Size: 21 x 19 cm
    8. Weight : 611g


    Included with the P320 gel blaster pistol 

    1. P320-m17 gel blaster
    2. Laser head
    3. Magazine
    4. Gel Ball Combat Goggles
    5. Rechargeable Battery
    6. USB Charging Cable

       Detail of the P320 pistol 

      Metal barrel and metal gears: 

      P320 gel blaster



      The pistol disassembled, the magazine and the spring 

      P320 gel blaster

      Performance of the P320 M17 :  


      200 FPS out the box. 

      You can reach 240 fps with a new spring and a 11.1V battery. 

      The upgrade kit will available in March 2024. 


      More information about the M17:

      Excellence in Technology:

      The P320 Gel Blaster exemplifies cutting-edge technology combined with precision engineering. Its electric blow-back mechanism adds exciting realism while also improving the overall shooting experience. This blaster's metal gears and sturdy metal barrel ensure unsurpassed dependability, providing constant performance through every round.

      Adaptability and personalization:

      One of the most notable characteristics is its versatility.

      The blaster's high-quality nylon body serves as a solid foundation for modification, allowing fans to upgrade and tweak components like as adjusting the spring or experimenting with different battery voltages to reach varying levels of power and performance.

      Furthermore, the use of a laser gives a tactical edge, improving accuracy during intense gameplay sessions.


      Impact on the Community and Engaging Gameplay:

      The P320 Gel Blaster has become a catalyst for community engagement in addition to its technological excellence.

      Gel ball shooting has united enthusiasts and gamers in a common interest and brotherhood.

      The accessibility, safety, and thrill of this activity have generated a dynamic community in which participants share tips, tactics, and experiences, increasing overall satisfaction and a sense of belonging in this immersive gaming world.

      Educational Value as well as Risk-Free Entertainment:

      Furthermore, gel ball blasters like the P320 provide more than just pleasure.

      It also provide instructional value. 

      It encourage responsible play, focusing on safety protocols and teamwork while completing strategic goals.

      Individuals can use these blasters to practice critical thinking, coordination, and teamwork skills in a safe and controlled environment. 

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      the safety guidelines:

      • Adhere to the regulations stipulated by your country and state.
      • Recognize that gel blasters are recreational items and should be handled accordingly.
      • Avoid using them in public areas.
      • Utilize appropriate safety gear, including protective eyewear, while using these products.
      • Only permit minors to engage with the products under the supervision and approval of legal guardians.
      • Ensure that gel blasters are transported in their original packaging for safety and proper handling.