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    SCAR Gel blaster JM V2







    • One of the best blasters of his generation
    • Great gearbox
    • Upgrade friendly
    • Good quality for small price
    • US STOCK 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸


    The SCAR GEL BLASTER is inspired by the FN SCAR model. This assault rifle of Belgian origin is an extremely modular model.
    There are several versions of SCARs, including one equipped with a grenade launcher.
    This model is well represented in video games. 

    This SCAR GEL BLASTER is a second version of the SCAR of Jinming.

    This model is very popular because it has a Jinming Gen8 gearbox, the focal point of the gel blaster.


    The JM SCAR V2 is a middle-range gel blaster, a very good base to update, and a good product to start a gel blaster party.

    Presentation of SCAR Gel Blaster:

    The masterpiece of this gel blaster gun: the JM GEN8 gearbox.

    This gearbox is a very good gearbox with good performance.

    The JM Scar V2 has an adjustable as well as foldable stock which can be clipped to the right side of the blaster if you wish to minimize the blaster length.

    SCAR Gel blaster

    This can be folded to save space.

    You’ll also get a fore grip with an integrated spring-loaded, retractable bipod as well as a front barrel extension to give it the realistic appearance of the real FN Scar should you wish to add it.

    The grip can be used to bring up the tripod and has two functions:

    Grip position:

    SCAR Gel blaster

    Pod position:

    SCAR Gel blaster

    The magazines are the same as that of the JM gen 8 M4A1 and are therefore electronically fed. Rest assured the JM Scar V2 will be able to use the same drum magazines as well.
    One feature that this blaster has over the JM gen 8 M4A1 is a magazine primer that preloads the gel balls into the gun. Once the magazine is inserted into the blaster, simply pull back the primer for 2-3 seconds and you’ll be ready to shoot. No need to blank fire the gun until the gel balls are fed into the blaster.

    SCAR Gel blaster

    The upper frame is added with a manual throwing window, which can be pre-load.

    SCAR Gel blaster

    This gel blaster SCAR V2 has a precise vision to guarantee precision in shooting.

    SCAR Gel blaster

    The battery is placed under the support plate, and it is foldable back support, which can be folded to the right, but in order to protect the fold, it can still shoot, so the power supply line is a bit long. In the case of not folding back, it is easy to be caught by the pallet.

    SCAR Gel blaster

    The JM Scar V2 have 2 mode: Safe and Auto

    SCAR Gel blaster

    What is included in the box of the gel blaster Jinming SCAR V2?

    SCAR Gel blaster
    1. gel baster JINMING SCAR V2
    2. magazine
    3. grip / pod
    4. battery 7.4V
    5. USB Charger
    6. Packet of gel balls
    7. safety glasses
    8. bottle

    How to use this gel blaster gun?

    1. Install the product according to the instructions.
    2. Soak the balls in as much water as possible for 4 to 6 hours.
    3. In same time, charge the battery.
    4. Place the battery.
    5. Fill the magazine with gel balls.
    6. Let’s go for the adventure.

    Installation instructions


    scar gel blaster
    JM SCAR V2
    1. Wire docking
    2. Install the grip
    3. Place the battery
    4. Install the rear support folding
    5. Install the muzzle, mechanical sight, barrel and fire cap


    Whish gel balls should be use?

    This model uses 7-8 mm gel balls. The optimal size is 7.45 mm.

    You can find the perfect gel balls for this model here.

    SCAR Gel blaster

    Charge the battery

    Connect the battery to the USB charger. Its 3-pin charger is used for this type of battery.

    Connect the USB to your computer.

    When the LED turns to green, it's OK.

    SCAR Gel blaster battery


    Place the battery


    It is necessary to place the battery in the grip.

    JM SCAR V2 battery


    Fill the magazine with gel balls

    JM SCAR V2 gel balls
    1. Open the magazine
    2. Pouring the balls
    3. Preload
    4. Shot

    What is the performance of this gel blaster?

    Shooting performance: 200-220 fps

    max range of this gun: At least 20M straight and 35M about curve shooting.

    You can click here to learn more about performance measurement: “How is performance measured?”

    What is the capacity of the magazine?


    The capacity of the magazine is about 200 gel balls.


    Can you upgrade the SCAR V2?


    Oh yes, you can change a lot of this gel blaster. But mainly performance parts. Fewer aesthetic parts. We recommend the M4A1 if you want to optimize it from an aesthetic and performance point of view.

    For the power, we advise you the BOSLY 11.1V SM

    Or you can change just the gearbox with the metal gearbox.

    About the magazine, you can change to a drum magazine or a straight mag.


    What is the size of the product and the box?


    JM SCAR V2 size