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    M4A1 Gel Blaster 2024 Jinming GEN9 - US STOCK







    • JM GEN9
    • Full Nylon body
    • Strong and durable
    • Upgrade friendly
    • Good quality
    • US STOCK 
    • 2024 VERSION !

    Features of the M4A1 gel blaster gen9

    • Nylon body
    • Generation Upgrade
    • Brand new lettering cartridge
    • Metal Gears
    • Pre-loaded Metal Tubes
    • Metal Parts
    • Empty chambered one-piece triangular sight
    • XT30 connector
    • 3 modes: semi auto, one shot, safe


    Presentation of Jinming M4A1 GEN9:


    JM (Jimning) designed the M4A1 GEN9 based on the Colt M4A1 real gun.

    Following the triumph of the M4A1 GEN8, Jinming introduced a remarkable evolution, building upon extensive research, development, and technical advancements.

    For 2024, the Gen9 aka M938-9 is updated and JM changed everything. The new GEN9 is a new gel blaster. 

    The 2024 Jinming Gen9 is the latest progression in gel blaster technology. This cutting-edge model redefines greatness in the gel blaster realm, with unrivaled performance and durability.

    The incorporation of metal gears improves reliability and longevity by ensuring smooth and precise performance even during fierce conflicts. The addition of a new lettering cartridge enhances the user experience by making reloading and maintenance easier.

    With pre-loaded metal tubes and partial metal pieces, this Gen9 edition combines tough construction with greater functionality, ensuring a longer lifespan for your toy gun.

    The revised one-piece triangle sight provides a tactical advantage by enabling quick and accurate targeting in a variety of combat conditions. The addition of an XT30 connector simplifies power transmission, improving the blaster's performance for continuous, rapid-fire action.

    The 2024 Jinming Gen9 showcases innovative upgrades and precise engineering, delivering gel blaster enthusiasts unmatched reliability, versatility, and top-notch performance.


    The box of the gel blaster Jinming M4A1 GEN9 includes



    1. gel baster JINMING M4A1 Gen9 2024
    2. magazine
    3. Orange Nozzle
    4. Slight


    How to use this gel blaster gun?

    Soak the balls in a sufficient amount of water for 4 to 6 hours (keep the water).

    Simultaneously, charge the battery. Install the battery in the buttstock, fill the magazine with gel balls, and enjoy your playtime! :)


    Whish gel balls should be use for the M4A1 G9?

    This model uses 7-8 mm gel balls. The optimal size is 7.45 mm.

    You can find the perfect gel balls for this model here: https://gelblastergun.com/products/gel-ball-ammo


    If you're using 11.1v battery and upgraded spring, we recommend the LDT 3.0 Milky gel balls. 

    What is the performance of this M4A1 gel blaster?

    Shooting performance: 250 fps

    Max range of this gun: At least 20M straight and 35M about curve shooting.


    You can read on our blog more about performance measurement: “how are performance measured?”

    What is the capacity of the magazine?


    The magazine has a capacity of approximately 200 gel balls.


    Can you upgrade the M4A1 J9?


    You can upgrade the M4A1, enhancing its performance and appearance with available parts. You can add aesthetic and metal components to improve both the look and durability of the product.


    What is the size of the product and the box?


    • The product is 74 cm long and 28 cm high.
    • The box measures 78.5 cm by 31.5 cm by 8 cm.


    Why choose a JM gel blaster? 

    When you choose a Jinming gel blaster, you are choosing quality, performance, and customisation. JM blasters are well-known for their durability and dependability, and they provide an excellent gaming experience.

    Their interoperability with aftermarket parts allows for extensive customization, allowing users to personalize their blasters.

    JM dedication to innovation guarantees cutting-edge features that improve accuracy and functionality.

    JM gel blasters strike a balance between affordability and top-notch performance, catering to beginners and seasoned enthusiasts alike.

    Whether for casual fun or competitive gaming, opting for a Jinming gel blaster guarantees reliability, versatility, and exceptional performance, making them a leading choice among gel blaster enthusiasts.


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