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    • Powerful without modification
    • Full Nylon body
    • Adjustable stock
    • Super build quality 
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    The Lehui KRISS VECTOR V2 is based on the machine gun of the same name: Kriss Vector also called TDI KRISS Super V.

    It is a recent machine gun because it was created in 2006 by KRISS USA Inc. from the United States. This particularity is located in its structure and functioning designed to absorb the energy produced during firing.

    It is very popular and is present in many video games.  

    Lehui is a very famous brand of gel blaster whose quality is recognized. They offer us a magnificent reissue of the mythical optimized KRISS VECTOR.

    It is made of nylon which is very robust and of high quality. He seems really solid.

    Lehui did a very good job on the details and finishing. He's really above all the other products in terms of that.

    It is equipped with three shooting modes, Auto, Semi-Auto, and 3 shots. Its grip is adjustable and well-made. You can have my EAG stocks on it.

    Lehui worked a lot on the magazine in order to allow the gun to be miss-fired.

    Inside, Lehui studied the gearbox based on airsoft gearboxes so that some airsoft parts could be installed on it.

    There are many opportunities for you to improve it further.



    Presentation of LEHUI KRISS VECTOR V2:

    Here are the different parts that make up this gel gun.


    kriss vector V2


    Detail of the product: 


    The most important part of the gel blaster: the gearbox.

    Lehui has developed an extraordinary gearbox inspired by airsoft.


    kriss vector V2

    You need choose a 7.4v / 1200 mAh type 14500 battery for this model:

    kriss vector V2

     The battery is located along the grip.

    The battery is not included. To fully enjoy Lehui KRISS VECTOR V2, we recommend that you replace it with an 7.4v battery. KV2 support the 11.1v with metal gears.  

    One of the particularities of this gel gun has 3 differents modes:
    Semi-auto, auto, 3 shots fired mode.
    Use this switch button to change.

    kriss vector V2

    Kriss Vector V2 has special buttstock.

    kriss vector V2

    Pre-load and shot

    kriss vector V2

    After adjusting the sight, you’re going to hit your target

    kriss vector V2

    What is included in the box of the gel blaster LH KRISS VECTOR V2 ORIGINAL PACK?


    kriss vector V2


    1 x gel baster LEHUI KRISS VECTOR V2

    1 x magazine

    1 x straight grip

    1 x light

    1 x laser

    1 x muffler

    3 x different sight

    1 x Packet of gel balls

    1 x safety glasses

    1 x bottle

    The LEHUI KRISS VECTOR V2 is no longer working?

    Although this is rare, there are replacement parts available for easy repair.



    How to use this gel blaster gun?


    1. Install the product according to the instructions.
    2. Soak the balls in as much water as possible for 4 to 6 hours.
    3. In same time, charge the battery (not included)
    4. Place the battery.
    5. Fill the magazine with gel balls.
    6. Let’s go for the adventure.

    Detailed explanations:

      1. Install the product according to the instructions:


    kriss vector V2

    1. Remove the magazine by pressing the button provided for this purpose.
    2. Fill in the magazine
    3. Install the magazine on the pistrolet
    4. Remove the handle protection
    5. Install the battery previously charged
    6. Turn on
    7. Selecting the shooting mode
    8. Shot


    Soak the balls in as much water as possible for 4 to 6 hours.


    Whish gel balls should be use?

    This model uses 7-8 mm gel balls. The optimal size is 7.45 mm.

    You can find the perfect gel balls for this model here: https://gelblastergun.com/products/gel-ball-ammo

    Gel balls are available in 2 packages: 20000 or 40000 gel balls and 4 colors: Clear, Blue, Orange and Green.


    Charge the battery

    Connect the battery to the USB charger. Its 3 pins charger used for this type of battery.

    Connect the USB to your computer.

    When the LED turn to green, its OK.


    1. Place the battery


    It is necessary to place the battery in the grip (not included)

    kriss vector V2


    1. Fill the magazine with gel balls.

    kriss vector V2
    1. Open the magazine
    2. Pouring the balls
    3. Preload
    4. Shot

    What is the performance of this gel blaster?

    Shooting performance: 200-220 fps

    max range of this gun: At least 20M straight and 35M about curve shooting.


    You can click here to learn more about performance measurement: “how are performance measured?”

    What is the capacity of the magazine?

    The capacity of the magazine is about 200 gel balls.


    Can you upgrade the gel blaster LEHUI KRISS V2?


    Yes, you can change some parts of this gel blaster. Performance and aesthetic parts are available.


    What is the size of the product and the box?


    The product is 77 cm long and 36 cm high.

    The box measures 56 cm by 38 cm by 13 cm.

    kriss vector V2

    Brand: Lehui

    Model:  KRISS Vector V2

    Color: Black

    Material: Nylon, plastic ABS and electronic components

    Use age: 14 years old and above

    Size balls: 7-8mm

    Size: 71 x 30 cm