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    August 08, 2023



    Join us on this thrilling adventure with two of the biggest influencers, David Dobrik and MrBeast, who boast over 100 million subscribers combined! Their love for Gel Blasters shines in their videos, showcasing epic battles and hilarious moments.

    Let the excitement begin as we dive into the world of gel Blasters alongside David Dobrik and MrBeast. Unleash your inner child and embrace playtime like never before!




    Who is Mr Beast ?

    MrBeast, the famous YouTuber with big heart! He does impressive good deeds, crazy challenges, and super creative videos with lots of money and exciting adventures! Unleash Adventure with Gel Blaster Guns: Inspired by MrBeast's Epic Influence!

    Prepare for the ultimate excitement with gel blasters, where gaming and reality combine excitingly! Like MrBeast, who does incredible challenges and kind deeds, gel blasters bring a thrilling aspect to your life. Picture the Joy as you engage in intense battles, powered by the same creativity that has made MrBeast famous online.


    At the intersection of entertainment and action, gel blasters promise an unforgettable experience. Dive into a world where strategy and fun collide while paying homage to the creativity that MrBeast embodies.

    As you enjoy this exciting adventure, you're not just playing – you're creating memories inspired by the essence of internet creativity.

    Have a great time playing with gel blasters and making friends online! Join a fun group of people who share your interests and play with gel blaster pistols while following MrBeast's exciting adventures! It's like a fantastic global party! Start your fun journey into the future of entertainment today!


    What is GELFIRE by Nerf ?

    Introducing GELFIRE Blasters – the ultimate blasters for epic battles! Featuring high-capacity 300-round hoppers and semi-auto modes, these blasters are designed to enhance your playtime.

    Nerf Pro Gelfire Legion


    Get ready to have a fun experience with GELFIRE Blasters! The soft, super-absorbent polymer projectiles burst upon impact, ensuring an exciting hit when they reach their target. With removable barrels and extendable stocks, you can customize your blaster for the perfect shot. And don't worry, GELFIRE Blasters come with stock protective eyewear for safety.

    Plus, the fully automatic blaster offers hydrated rounds that deliver high-performance blasting for your competitive advantage. Join the fun with GELFIRE and its 100 million subscribers around the world! Get ready to power up your playtime and become a pro with GELFIRE Blasters!





    Who is David Dobrik ?

    Meet the amazing David Dobrik – a super cool and fun-loving guy! He's a famous YouTuber who loves to make people smile. David is all about doing kind things, taking on exciting challenges, and making awesome videos with his friends.

    David Dobrik – a big fan of gel blasters ! David is a famous YouTuber who loves having fun and trying new things. One of his favorite things to do is play with gel blasters because they bring so much excitement and joy!


    You'll often see David and his friends having epic battles and thrilling adventures with these blasters. He can't get enough of the action-packed playtime they provide. With gel blasters, David and his crew create new memories full of laughter and excitement.

    David's love for gel blasters is contagious, and he encourages everyone to join in the fun. So, if you want to experience non-stop thrills and make the most of your playtime, just follow David Dobrik'slead and dive into the amazing world of gel blasters!


    Gel Blaster Starfire David Dobrik Edition: Embrace Playtime Fun with the Original Water Ball Blasting Brand!

    Gel Blaster company is one of the original and leading water ball blasting brand, headquartered in Austin. At Gel Blaster, the mission is simple – Go Play! Let's make playtime the best time for all!

    Starfire X David Dobrik

    Get ready for a thrilling adventure with Glow in the Dark Blaster!

    When Gel Blaster fun extends into the night, the excitement is just getting started! Load your hopper with the included Starfire Gellet, and watch them light up in a mesmerizing glow with the built-in LED activator.

    Experience the excitement of Glow in the Dark Gameplay as the Gel Blaster Starfire shoots eco-friendly, glow-in-the-dark water-based Gellets. These Gellets disintegrate on impact, leaving a cool glowing trace behind.

    Say goodbye to constant reloading! The fast-loading hopper can be filled with 800 Gellets in a flash, giving you more time to blast away without interruptions.

    picture of the product

    Stay powered up and ready to play with the rechargeable batteries that last up to 4 hours on a single charge. Charging is a breeze with the included USB-C charging cable, and a full charge only takes 45 minutes.



    Partnering with these influencers helps gel blaster companies stay relevant to young people who love exciting content. David Dobrik and MrBeast's genuine excitement about gel blaster guns makes the product even more attractive to their fans.

    Gel Blaster companies recognize the immense potential of partnering with influencers like David Dobrik and MrBeast to attract the young generation.

    With their huge YouTube following and high views, David Dobrik and MrBeast can introduce Gel Blaster Guns to a big audience who already loves the product.

    The collaboration ensures that Gel Blaster companies remain relevant and exciting in the eyes of the young market, fostering a strong and lasting connection with their target audience.

    David Dobrik and MrBeast, two influential celebrities, are interested in making partnerships with Gel Blaster companies for several compelling reasons. Firstly, they are savvy trendsetters, and collaborating with gel blaster aligns perfectly with the ongoing craze around these action-packed toys. By hopping on the gel blaster trend, they stay relevant and appeal to their young and adventurous audience, keeping their content fresh and exciting.

    Secondly, such partnerships present a significant opportunity for lucrative contracts and financial gain. As mega social media stars with millions of subscribers, David Dobrik and MrBeast command substantial influence.

    What do you think about these patnerships? Did you tried these products?

    Let's share your experience in a comment bellow !



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