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    LDT LDX Gearbox

    August 23, 2020

    LDT LDX Gearbox


    A new product for LDT: LDT LDX Gearbox (LDT-X)

    Every product launch for LDT is an event because this brand is used to offering products that stand out from their competitors. 

     The metal gearbox is controversial product in China and LDT found a legal solution to have it and they given a better solution than the one piece gearbox.

    Now the metal gearbox standard is a split gearbox




    Features of this product.

    1. split gearbox, easy to install and debug, can achieve the box and wave box together with the split
    2. Full metal gearbox housing
    3. 2 versions: red for the chip fire control version, blue for the mechanical version
    4. The original standard gear set, the factory has done fine upgrade
    5. The current most standard size gel blaster gearbox, the general majority of AEG standard AR box, such as the SLR box, TTM box, FB Magep box, SmaAR box, Kublai AR box.




     The gearbox is composed of:

    • Split gearbox group
    • contact components
    • t-piece
    • t-piece spring
    • gear induction magnet one

    The weight of the gearbox is around 520 gr. 


    Inside the beast. 

    The parts of the gearbox:
    • Full metal ladder teeth
    • nylon pat head
    • Cylinder using 100% volume with thermal gas cylinder
    • nylon double O ring cylinder head
    • Aluminum alloy pusher
    • nylon pull bridge
    • trigger is a fire control chip


      The cake tooth (inside the round hole) is equipped with a brake induction magnet.



      About the metal shell, the gearbox used 8MM open bearing. 



       The CNC pusher is with an O-ring. Pay attention to the quick-dismantling magazine power supply base, this part is nylon material.

      The original spring diameter is 1.2mm.


       From this point of view, we can see the texture, the internal regulation of the wave box is simple, the fire control chip and the wave box internal structure matching degree is very high.


      Presentation video of the LDX gearbox: 



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