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    Review of the HLF Henglifeng ARP9

    January 13, 2020

    Review of the HLF Henglifeng ARP9


    After the first images of the ARP9. Many people are eager to learn more about this product.

    First the box:

    Its a standard black box. inside is very simple the product is completely assembled in this box we find the body of the ARP9 as well as the Magazine and a pair of glasses. Just install the magazine to have the finished this gel blaster.


    We will discover the product in detail.

    To start the fishbone:


    It has only one rail, the top rail. we discover the MLOK logo on the fish bone.


    At the end of the fish bone is the muffler which is orange this one is removable. it is a 14 mm thread.

    On the top is the HLF identification on the back of the top rail of the receiver. 

     The identification mark and also visible on the side.


    One of the peculiarities of this product and to have the original metal product point indeed, the suspension button, the trigger, the mode selection button are metal elements.


    The metal pull handle and the projection window have a linking effect, but there is no pre-feed function.
    The silver-grey treatment of the surface of the cast metal window cover plate shows a light metallic texture.

    The maximum stroke of the handle has reached 55 mm. It can be seen that the blade linkage is very close to full stroke.


    Bonding effect of pulling the handle lock.


    The grip of this product and original. it is an injection molded part, it is left with a non-slip texture are well done.

    Underneath the grip there is a metal cover and a hexagonal screw that supports the motor of this gel blaster. 

    One of the flagship products of this rifle is its rear support. Indeed this one is made of nylon and metal and has the particularity to have two metal rods on the sides of the receiver in order to be able to adjust the support to your size.

    Here is the unlock button to adjust the buttstock. 

    Note that the space for the battery is quite small, it will not fit all battery models another important element, there are silver wires.

    The magazine of the HLF ARP9 has a side hatch in order to be filled.

    The magazine is very worked and its surface is very textured.

    Here is a view of the open magazine (in red, the motor). The capacity of the magazine is 150 gel balls.

     Dismantling the rifle reveals a 480 motor with action and gears in die-cast metal. It is connected to the gearbox by silver wires.

    The gearbox is made of nylon and has metal gearing.

    All wires are silver plated and the trigger is made of metal.

    The cylinder is 25.5 mm and made of brass.



    15m / 11.1V battery



     Source: T-xiagong



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