SLR CQB, new gel blaster from SLR

December 11, 2019 0 Comments

SLR CQB, new gel blaster from SLR

Today, we discovered the new gel blaster of SLR. 

The important points of this new product:

- Available in black or tan color. 

- AR style, CQB short projection,tactical agility, indoor venue / melee weapon. 

- Full nylon  + glass fiber special 

- Lot of metal accessories available: pull the handle / speed machine / magazine lock / bullet blocking plate / sleeve / strap buckle ...

- Have the new SLR Helix M-lok 6.7 inch nylon fishbone.

- Equipped with new MOE⁺ grip, special texture brings extreme hand feel;

- Equipped with high-performance PMAG GEN M3 Mag

- Metal dust cover by pulling the handle





Product details:


Source: T-xiagong