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    March 13, 2020


    Orbeez Gel ball is a game similar to the paintball or laser tag in which the gamer whether children or adult is given time to complete the given task.

    This game is designed with the aim to provide the best real experience of firearms because these tiny gel balls are biodegradable balls and once it is hydrated in water then these tiny balls turn its volume much more.

    Orbeez Gel balls are the tiny balls that are coming up in a packet of 10,000 balls and when it is hydrated it turns into squishy balls. Orbeez Gel balls are made up of the material name water lock which is famous for the ability that it stores water

    How to store gel balls properly - Gel Blaster Gun

    The best part about these gel balls is that it is pure water and after hitting the target it explodes and it feels like jelly hits you.

    If you are playing with gel balls then you have very much fewer chances of being hurt because no major injuries ever are reported after being hit by gel balls. It is a safe game that everyone can play freely and without any fear.

    The best advantage about this gel balls are these gel balls have no side effect on nature and they are environment-friendly. These balls are made up of material that is non-toxic and you can use it without thinking because even after hitting the target.


    Gel balls are made up of a material named sodium Polyacrylate. The sodium polyacrylate is also known as water lock and when the sodium salt combines with the polyacrylate it has the ability to store the water of 100 to 1000 times about to its size.

    The main purpose of using this material in the making of ORBEEZ gel ball is that after it hydrated from water and it absorbs water then these gel balls are so squishy that after hitting the target it would not hurt the people. 

    If you order the gel balls for the first time online or you buy from the market then obviously you were assuming that these gel balls come with ready to use and you have to do is to load the magazine and fire on the opponent team.

    But now it is not like that, gel balls come in a small packet with 10,000 tiny balls inside the packet.

    How you are going to hydrate these tiny balls into the perfect gel balls?

    First, you have to take the container or any water bottle of a minimum of 1.5 liters then fill the water bottle or container with water.

    But the best way to moisture these tiny balls are to use the distilled water because distilled water is boiled water and filter through the distillation process.

    Now the water is more pure and cleaner. You also have to make sure that your container is big enough that after adding the tiny gel balls it will not convert into a congested place. After you take a container or water bottle as per your requirements then add distilled water. 

    Do not add too much water or even do not add less water, adding the pure water in the container depending upon your tiny balls and it is mention on the back of the packet. Normally, people who used the ORBEEZ gel balls suggested that add up to 1.5 liter of water for 10,000 gel balls packet.

    Now the initial stage process is done and now wait for 4 to 5 hours because these tiny gel balls are biodegradable balls that are made up of sodium polyacrylate and the main feature of this product is that after adding it into water it turns its volume 100 times more.

    After the packet of tiny gel balls turns absorbs water then you have to take out the gel balls from the container and put these balls at the place with normal temperature. Do not place the ORBEEZ gel balls at the warmer place or even in the fridge because the effect of the gel balls will no longer be entertained when you fire these gel balls. 


    You are thinking about why you use these tiny gel balls in the game to fire and why you do not use any other material then the best answer is that these gel balls absorb water and it contains water when you load your magazine in the gun and shoot these gel balls.

    Then after shooting from the gun when the gel balls hit the target, it explodes into a jelly like thing because it is water inside the ball. The best part about the material is that through this you cannot be hurt and you will not face any harmful injuries. 


    There are different types of gel balls that you can use in the games. The gel balls differ from each other depending upon the size and prices. Gel balls are made up of supersaturated material and all the types have the same material and come up with the same ability.  


    • Ammo gel balls are the best gel balls and it comes in 10,000 per packet. 
    • You have to put these balls into clean water for 4 hours so it can get hydrated.
    • Do not put the gel balls into the fridge or any warmer place after it gets hydrated.
    • The average size of the gel balls are 7mm to 8mm.


    • It also comes in a packet of 10,000 gel balls. 
    • It is more often used for practice. 
    • The size of the gel balls are 7mm to 8mm. 


    • There are 10,000 tiny gel balls in the packet and all the balls are in white in color.
    • It is hard and it has no complaints regarding the damage or broken balls after the hydration. 
    • You have to put these tactical edge gel balls up to 6 hours into water to turns into its maximum size. 
    • The average size of the gel balls are 7mm to 8mm. 


    If you want to spend your life joyfully and want to make new friends. Then you have to start activities and play games.

    Outdoor sports are best for your body because it helps you to stay fit and you can easily spend your time keeping yourself busy in this game. Games are always best for your mind because you can make new techniques to win the game.

    Gel balls are made up of supersaturated materials and when they shoot they explode into tiny pieces. There is water inside the gel balls and you don’t have to worry about anything because you will not get injured and there is no chance of getting hurt.

    These gel balls are non-toxic and are environmentally friendly. 

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